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Prepare to Race into the “Fuel-Injected Feeding” of Screechers Wild!

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Transforming vehicles are hardly a new thing, nor are the kinds of things that said vehicles change into. From sentient humanoid robots to insects and animalistic beasts, we’ve seen a lot of transformations over the past 30+ years, but now there’s a new entry into that realm that’s putting some new twists on things. From Alpha Group (formerly Auldey Toys US) comes SCREECHERS WILD!, a new collection of vehicles that transform into creatures using “explosive 360-degree flip morphing action.” They’re definitely hitting on the retro marks with the launch, presenting a commercial that feels straight outta the 80s with its neon-grid patterns and action-packed visuals. They call it “fuel-injected feeding time” as the vehicles either pick up (or have launched to them) a plastic disc (“food”) that activates the flip transformation. Take a look…

The world of Screechers Wild! has already been built-out with character backstories, and will soon be supported by animated webisodes. So what exactly is a Screecher? 

A Screecher is the alchemic melding between driver and machine into one massive mecha-kick-butt-creature! Taking driving to the next evolutionary level, Screechers are— true to their namesake— part hot rods, part animal spirit avatars.

Imbued with both advanced racing mechanisms and state-of-the-art beast weaponry, a Screecher is a vehicle with a hidden second self!

Screechers Wild! preview

Right now there’s 19 toy vehicles announced thus far, split into categories of Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. While the latter series is a Toys “R” Us exclusive here in the U.S., the others are making their way to mass retail right now, and they’ve just hit Amazon (Target and Walmart will have them soon). Aside from the vehicles, there’s also a Rapid Fire Disc Launcher and a Speedlauncher, which launches both discs and Screechers. 

For more: http://www.alphatoys.com/screecherswild

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