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Project: BUZZY SEEDS “My First Sunflower Grow Kit” – Part 1

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This article is more than 12 years old and may not have been updated since our last site redesign. It may contain outdated information or could be missing images.

While cruising through the just-set department of Spring & Summer items a TOYS R US a few weeks back, the little one and I stumbled upon a few shelves with grow kits from BUZZY SEEDS. Alongside the current line of ”My First Grow Pails” was an assortment of ”My First Sunflower Grow Kits,” that must’ve been from last year, as they were on clearance – and are nowhere to be found on Buzzy’s website. Since they were only $2, and since we love Sunflowers (the background of this blog currently features Sunflowers that we grew last year), I figured that we’d give one a try and document the progress here on The Rock Father™ Gardening Blog.

A Planter, Seeds, Starter Soil, and Growing  Instructions were included in the kit. The instructions called for the soil to be mixed with water in a separate container, but we actually used the planter and just mixed it within – creating what we called “Dirt Soup” until we had a nice, moist-but-not-watery base. Then in went the seeds.  The planter was then placed near the kitchen window.


 We planted these on Saturday, March 17th and here we are on Wednesday, March 21st and… the Sunflowers have sprouted already!


Stay tuned for updates as we track the progress of these Sunflowers from the Kitchen to the Garden! 

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