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Whether you’d like to call them “Dad Bloggers,” “Daddy Bloggers,” or just “Bloggers that happen to be Dads,” there’s a lot more men jumping into the “parenting” realm of the blogging world on a regular basis. While the mainstream media loves to toss headlines like “Year of the Dad Blogger!” (which I’m fairly sure has been used for the past three years, not counting the just-started 2013), there’s a lot of interesting voices out there that are all working on building audiences for their unique and very personal writings. Last month, Oren Miller of A Blogger and a Father created a private Facebook Group to unite Dad Bloggers in one place to meet, mingle, swap stories, and cross-promote. This past week, The Rock Father joined the growing group.

The Rock FatherWith 80+ members as of this writing, there’s a ton of great content being posted daily, and in the interest of introducing new readers to a selection of blogs from the group, Brent from Designer Daddy suggested that members share their favorite posts of 2012 and cross-post between their blogs and websites. With that, below you’ll find some articles that were hand-picked for inclusion by their authors, along with my own post added to the list.

2012 Highlights from the Dad Bloggers Group:

Is this new Dad Bloggers Group a force united for good like VOLTRON?
Or is it a force united for evil like the TRANSFORMERS’ CONSTRUCTICONS’ DEVASTATOR?
No matter which it turns out to be, it seems pretty bad-ass for now.

Are you a Dad Blogger? Hit this link to join the Dad Bloggers group on Facebook. Membership is currently by approval, so be sure to give Oren a little bit to get you in there (though he’s usually pretty quick).

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