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ReadySetz: One of 2017’s Coolest Toys is One You’ve Never Heard of…


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In doing what I do, I’ve been fortunate to see a lot of great toys cross my path over the past few years. For 2017, there’s certainly been some highlights, but one of the best new toys was a late entry, and one that had escaped me until its makers hit me up earlier this fall and sent over one for review. When it comes to playsets, I grew up in an era that had a bunch of them – iconic sets from Star Wars, G.I. Joe and Masters of the Universe, to name a few. While there’s no doubt that kids want the biggest and best, the grownup mentality is that there’s a real problem with those awesome playsets… storage. Our girls have some incredible sets here, ranging from the Barbie Dream House to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sewer Lair. They’re massively fun, but also massive in size… big, bulky plastic sets that aren’t easy to store in-between adventures. Now, the makers of ReadySetz have emerged with their first playset – one that both provides a fun environment for imaginative play and solves the space problem. It’s one of 2017’s coolest new toys, and one you’ve likely never heard of.

ReadySetz Urban Playset Review - Mysticons!

The Urban Playset is the first release from ReadySetz. This immersive, 3D playset features photorealistic graphics on heavyweight, exceptionally durable, structurally-reinforced corrugated cardboard. It unfolds in seconds, locking into place to create a sturdy new play environment with 360 degrees of fun! When the kids are done, it simply folds back up and can be placed back into its box until they’re ready to play again!

Ready Setz Open Close

Now, if you’re like me, the idea of a “cardboard” playset might bring to mind some flimsy offerings from years past. In fact, I had a few that didn’t survive long, as a lot of cool playsets of the 70s and 80s included cardboard components that weren’t designed to hold up. ReadySetz is strong, and the material not only has some weight to it, but has some kind of coating on it so it can be cleaned with a damp cloth (which I’ve done). 

ReadySetz Urban Playset Review - Spider-Man Homecoming POPS! ReadySetz Urban Playset Review - Knight Rider!

There’s so much to do here with multi-level fun. There’s detachable ramps (which remove and fold flat as well), interior stair cases, doors, windows, a sewer, a garage and all kinds of cool little nooks and platforms for kids to have adventures. Dolls, action figures, toy cars and trucks – the possibilities are endless. There’s also trap door that leads into the sewer, plus a break-away roof. 

ReadySetz Urban Playset Review

This also makes a great “backlot” for toyography (that’s toy-photography) and moviemakers – perfect for YouTubers! In fact, if you’ve checked out some of our recent toy reviews, you’ve seen our ReadySetz Urban Playset in use! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters, Mysticons, Vampirina, Knight Rider, Hot Wheels, Transformers, DC Super Hero Girls – even Funko POPS! have all visited our Urban Playset. 

ReadySetz Urban Playset Review - Iron Man Funko Pop! ReadySetz Urban Playset Review - mysticons zarya

In the month or so that we’ve had our set, it’s become part of daily play. Both of The Rock Daughters™ have been creating their own adventures, and I know that there’s countless hours of fun yet to be had. Should ReadySetz do well – and I hope that it will – plans are in motion for other sets such as castle themed and space themed. Personally, I would buy both in a second, knowing full-well that those environments would be put to great use here at our house.

ReadySetz Urban Playset Review - TMNT Ninja Ghostbusters!

ReadySetz are Made in the USA from 100% recyclable materials. Order yours direct for just $59.99, use code “ROCKFATHER” to save 10% off your order now through November 30, 2017! See even more ReadySetz photos taken by The Rock Father™ over on Facebook, and look for a new video on our YouTube Channel very soon!

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