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Real Men use Reel Mowers: The FISKARS MOMENTUM Rocks.

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mowerWhen my wife and I were preparing to move into our first single-family home in the spring of 2010, there were a lot of things that needed to be considered and purchased – a big one involving the type of tools that I’d be using to maintain our lawn and planned garden.With the intent of leading by example and raising our daughter to respect and care for the environment, the idea of ‘green’ gardening became the foundation of everything that would follow. None of my tools would be powered by gas – they would only be powered by electricity or man.

With those rules in-place, it soon became clear that a REEL MOWER would be my tool of choice for maintaining our lawn.

229647 10150723676700542 811370541 19889903 2861506 nThe reasons for the decision were many:

  • Never have to buy gas.
  • Never have to buy oil.
  • No toxic emissions.
  • No storage of toxic substances in the house.
  • Very little maintenance.
  • Good for the lawn.
  • Good workout for me.

Eventually, I set my sights on a product from FISKARS called the MOMENTUM REEL MOWER. Unable to locate one at a nearby store, I ordered one online from LOWES ($250) and stashed it aside until we were in the house. It got it’s first run during the end of May 2010, and I was impressed.

My neighbors looked at it the way that I imagine cavemen looked at fire for the first time.

It didn’t look like a traditional reel mower, and it certainly didn’t function like one. With a chain-drive system that actually builds up inertia with the momentum in which you push it, this manual mower tosses the grass clippings out in front of it instead of behind. In addition, the lawn looks just as good if not better than one cut with a gas hog.
282072 10150723677125542 811370541 19889909 2445897 nI’ve now been using the Momentum for over a year, and there is seldom a week that goes by in which someone doesn’t either stop to ask me about it (usually people walking dogs) or do the occasional slow drive-by looking at me with curiosity over the sheer awesomeness of what their eyes are seeing.

Overall, there’s not a bad thing I can say about the mower. It’s served me well, built strong, and have saved me some cash while treating the environment right. It’s a product that The Rock Father™ can fully support.

Bonus: The FISKARS Momentum allows for stealth mowing. This means I can sneak out just before dawn or stay out after dusk and be able to mow quietly without disturbing the neighbors.

Rating: 5/5 Stars – Perfect Score!

More info on the FISKARS Momentum is available on their website.

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