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We have a sizable fleet of radio-controlled vehicles here at Rock Father HQ, and over the past few weeks it’s become quite apparent that I just might have a new favorite. My love of Batman (yes, I do have a full bat-suit in my closet) and the Batmobile in general (I have many Hot Wheels versions) is fairly well-known, but having not seen BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE upon the arrival of our new Air Hogs Official Movie Replica from the folks at Spin Master (sent for review), there was no built-in affection for the ride driven by Ben Affleck in Zack Snyder’s superhero showdown. That changed as soon as The Rock Daughters and I took to the streets (sidewalk, mostly) with this new ride, strapping a GoPro to the top for a full in-action video!

Straight away, the detailing is impressive for a $50 RC vehicle, a “brushed-metal” appearance giving a vibe of a battle-worn ride that’s seen its fair share of action. Compared to other toys out there, the accuracy is also impressive in that it just feels like the real deal. Following in-line with the USB-charging method of recent years, I appreciate being able to plug the car into the USB port on the computer for charging instead of blowing through batteries. 2 AA’s are required for the controller, but that’s a non-issue.

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Air Hogs Batmobile Review

Handling is tight and aggressive, with the speed also ranking among the top rides in this realm. It also takes a licking, too – and we did some things that I’m sure Spin Master wouldn’t recommend (nor do I), but our Batmobile has survived an end-over-end airborne flip (with the camera on the top of it – look closely in the video) and a collision with our Mattel 6″ action figure scale Batmobile (also, watch closely). In fact, the only damage that our Batmobile has received was a broken hood gun, and that’s just because our youngest daughter accidentally stepped on it, but the break was clean and a little dab of super glue repaired it flawlessly!

Air Hogs Batmobile Review

As part of #BatmanvSupermanWeek here at THE ROCK FATHER Magazine, I can’t recommend this one enough for fans of BATMAN v SUPERMAN, or just radio-controlled vehicles in general. 

Available now at retailers everywhere. Buy on Amazon.

Air Hogs Batmobile Review

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