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Whenever I write about Caillou here on THE ROCK FATHER, I usually tend to include a little preface – a wee bit of background, if you will – about how loved the divisive little four-year-old is here at Rock Father HQ. You see, what usually happens is that a Caillou post lures out of the woodwork these… people – people that like to complain about the little guy for no better reason other than complaining. They’re sorta like a clique –  one comprised largely of the uninformed that’s never actually watched and absorbed the show. They just say “He’s whiny” (in a pretty whiny voice themselves), and then they scurry back into whatever hole they crawled out of (and then I delete their comments). Yes, this is a pro-Caillou household, and for those of you unfamiliar, that little “E/I” big in the corner? That means “educational and informational,” and not any show can get it. It’s a badge of honor bestowed upon certain shows by the FCC – and CAILLOU has it. My reason for the rundown today? CAILLOU’S GARDEN ADVENTURES just hit DVD via my friends at PBS KIDS and DHX Media. 

Even as we’re still in a DEEP freeze here in Northern Illinois, this six-episode collection conjures up feelings of spring and summer by bringing together some great stories with an outdoor theme. Together, kids and grownups alike can learn about water conservation, flowers, planting, composting and more. This continues a theme that’s been explored throughout a whole “Caillou’s Ecology Club” series of books and materials, and the composting book was previously-discussed here on the site as a learning tool that I used along side real-life composting in our own garden (read that feature here).

Caillou’s Garden Adventures includes the following episodes:

Caillou's Garden Adventures“Caillou Can Compost”
Caillou learns the value of seeing a task through to the end when he explores the “magic” of compost in Grandma’s garden.
“Caillou’s Tree”
Caillou learns to deal with change when he and Daddy replace an old decaying tree with a new one.
“Caillou Saves Water”
When Miss Martin asks the class to think up ways to save water, Caillou learns that many small contributions can add up to a very large one!
“Blueberry Point”
After hiking through Blueberry Point, Caillou realizes that time spent with his Grandpa is the best birthday gift he could give him.
“Class Pet”
Caillou sees the importance of not playing favorites after he neglects his own pet to care for the class hamster.
“In the Garden”
Caillou learns that beauty is in the eye of the beholder when Rosie decides to pick “flowers” (i.e. dandelions) for Daddy.
Six episodes barely scratches the surface of Caillou’s garden connection, but this 50-minute DVD is just the right length for optimum viewing time and preschool attention spans.
Rock Father-approved, and highly recommended.
The Rock Father Rating: 4/5 Stars
This and other great CAILLOU DVDS are available now through (my affiliate) Amazon:



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