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I have a strange confession to make. Although I’ve casually seen some episodes of CHUGGINGTON with my little ones over the past few years through it’s airings on Disney Junior, until last month, I thought that “Chuggington” was the lead character… the bright, red engine that often represents the show throughout media and merchandising.

BREWSTER LEADS THE WAYNo, that’s Wilson, I finally realize, as I sat down to watch BREWSTER LEADS THE WAY, the latest DVD release from the popular British series to make it home via Anchor Bay, who recently sent a copy to Rock Father HQ for review. It’s even weirder when noted that I’ve seen at least one of these episodes before “Old Puffer Pete’s Firebox,” have played with the TOMY toys a few times (at events), and have even done CHUGGINGTON coloring sheets with the kids. Well, Chuggington is the town that these trains live in… just in case you’re as unobservant as I have been on that note.

Despite my oversight on such a key detail, when it comes to anthropomorphic trains, CHUGGINGTON is the show of choice in our home, as the overall vibe is so much friendlier than that of that chap Thomas and Friends. As the title implies, this collection is led by Brewster, the blue and yellow chugger that’s eager to learn and help out. He asks questions, and shows genuine concern in the work that he’s doing, and that’s important for children to see. We want our kids to to seek out knowledge, and to take pride in whatever they’re doing.

One oddity here? When Mayor Pullman arrives in “Brewster Meets the Mayor,” all the trains refer to her as “Your Worship,” which I was really hoping was intended to be a nod to Han Solo (from STAR WARS: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK). Apparently, it’s just a British thing.

BREWSTER LEADS THE WAY includes the following episodes: “Brewster Leads the Way,” “Track Laying Brewster,” “Babysitter Brewster,” “Brewster Meets The Mayor,” “Poor Old Puffer Pete” and “Old Puffer Pete’s Firebox.”


The Rock Father Rating: 4/5 Stars

This, and other CHUGGINGTON DVDs and Toys are available now via (my affiliate) Amazon:



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