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Review – DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD: Daniel’s Big Feelings & Life’s Little Lessons

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The Rock Father is a 2014 PBS KIDS VIP (Very Involved Parent) BloggerBefore it even made it’s debut back in 2012 (and before I became one of the PBS KIDS VIP Bloggers), I was excited about DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD. Continuing the legacy of Fred Rogers, and set within the familiar Neighborhood of Make Believe, the adventures of Daniel and his friends fast became one of the most-watched programs here at Rock Father HQ. With perfectly-sized episodes, each with a valuable lesson for preschoolers, and some of the best music you’ll find in children’s programming, the show is a hit on several levels, and though I’ve said this before, I feel I need to say it again: I don’t think that there’s another show that my kids watch that makes me feel good in the way that DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD does.

Big FeelingsJust released on DVD, LIFE’S LITTLE LESSONS and DANIEL’S BIG FEELINGS each compile eight episodes of the series (plus a few bonus features) onto a pair of 100-minute DVDs.

As a parent, it’s interesting to watch how perfectly these episodes capture the emotion of a four year-old (Daniel, and my oldest daughter are both four) and use that to be relatable to children and grownups, without being overbearing or cheesy. The grownup characters on the show address each issue with kindness and a cool head, in the way that we’re supposed to – which is sometimes easier said than done.


On DANIEL’S BIG FEELINGS, emotion is the key subject as presented in the following episodes: “Duckling Goes Home,” “Daniel Feels Left Out,” “Daniel Gets Frustrated,” “Frustration at School,” “Daniel is Jealous,” “Jealousy at the Treehouse,” “Someone Else’s Feelings” and “Empathy at School.” There’s also a couple of bonus episodes that include “Daniel Gets Mad” and “Katerina Gets Mad.” With a child starting kindergarten this Fall, feelings are important, and the school-centric clips will be repeat viewing over the next few months.

Bonus: A companion album for DANIEL’S BIG FEELINGS just hit Amazon & iTunes this week.


Life's Little LessonsLIFE’S LITTLE LESSONS trends a little younger, and it makes sense since these were some of the earlier episodes of the show, all of which teach basic, yet essential skills. Included here are “Prince Wednesday Goes to the Potty,” “Daniel Goes to the Potty,” “Daniel Visits School,” “Daniel Visits the Doctor,” “Daniel Shares his Tigertastic Car,” “Katerina Shares her Tutu,” “Good Morning Daniel” and “Good Night Daniel.” If you haven’t heard it yet, be prepared to be singing Daniel’s “Potty Song,” which has been a regular jingle here for quite some time.

I really can’t say enough good things about DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD, and it’s one of the shows that makes me very proud to be connected with the folks at PBS KIDS. 


The Rock Father Rating: 5/5 Stars

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