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Review: G-360 Workout Gloves by G-Loves

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When I started my 2014 Fitness Challenge here on THE ROCK FATHER back in January, I didn’t realize how hardcore I was going to go with it. Losing weight may have been the primary goal, but getting fit is the ultimate goal – and that’s the driving force behind where I’m at now… getting into a normal workout routine, hitting the gym regularly, and working on strength training, which is something that I’d not even thought of since before my first daughter was born back in 2009. For the first time ever, I actually spent time with a personal trainer this week, getting some insight into a solid plan to take me into the next stage of things. One regular accessory for me are the G-360 Workout Gloves and Wrist Wraps, which the folks at G-Loves so graciously hooked me up with. I’m all about style that goes with the function, and the G-360’s have it.

I have a thing for Military Camo… I love Camo. My Diaper Bag (from Diaper Dude) is Camo. I have several pairs of shorts that are Camo. Then there’s Camo Guitar Straps, and I even have a Dimbag Darrell Air Force Camo Washburn DIME Guitar in my office. My wife? Doesn’t like the Camo. In fact, she says I dress like I’m 15. But G-360 Workout Gloves come in Camo, and their “Urban Camo” are what I’m rockin’ right now.

G-360 Workout Gloves

Style aside, the function is what’s important here, and the G-360 Gloves have that as well. High-tech grip to eliminate hand fatigue, while letting you feel what you’re doing (they’re a thin, neoprene material), these gloves have germ protection, help eliminate calluses, and feature “acton traction” no-slip grip. Washable and available in a ton of styles and colors, there’s something for everyone. The wraps rock, too – adding an extra layer of support for someone like me, who’s had broken wrists (and a hand) in the past.

G-360 promises that from professional to beginners (like me!), in the weight room to CrossFit to Yoga poses, their gloves and wrist wraps “protect the tendons and muscles of the hands, wrists, and forearms, allowing you to lift more and become stronger.”

Rock Father Approved: 2014ROCK FATHER-APPROVED.

For Men, G-360 Workout Gloves are available at Gloves360.com, while women can check out the vibrant styles available at G-Loves.com.
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