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Review: Moey’s Music Party – PRINCESS REVOLUTION


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Earlier this year, while some other parent bloggers were riding the wave of the latest “Anti-Princess” wave (it’s like a rash that flares-up a couple of times a year, and has become an industry itself), I declared myself King, and took a completely different stance on the whole situation. My blog entry caught the eye of Melissa Levis, aka “Moey,” who just last year released an album called PRINCESS REVOLUTION. While I wasn’t familiar with MOEY’S MUSIC PARTY back in January, the past seven months or so have given me ample time to get educated.

“This is the soundtrack to a movie that I wish they’d make. Too bad no studio would actually have the balls to do it.”My Wife

Princess RevolutionA new spin on Princess lore, PRINCESS REVOLUTION‘s storytelling style manages to update some of the big name players – Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and The Little Mermaid among them – while weaving new tales of empowered women that “are no damsels in distress” or “selfish divas” (“Princess Rock Star!”), spreading messages of kindness  and fairness (“Let’s Share”), and overcoming obstacles to do things that others say you can’t (“Who Can Do It? Me!”).


The title track still strikes me as something I’d expect to hear on an episode of JEM (yes, truly outrageous!), really hitting it’s stride at the foot-stomping 1:50 mark and setting the stage for a record that becomes better as it goes along, and one that has become a favorite here at Rock Father HQ – often-requested by my own Rock and Roll Princess.

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The Rock Father Rating: 4/5 Stars

FTC Disclosure: A copy of PRINCESS REVOLUTION was delivered to The Rock Father’s Castle for the purpose of review consideration. All opinions are that of King James Charles Zahn and his first daughter, Princess Adalyn. If you disagree, into the moat or off with your head!

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