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Review: NERF Weather Blitz All-Conditions Football (but… I don’t like Football)


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Fall is here, and for most of America, that means it’s Football Season. When I say “most of America,” what I really mean is “Not here at Rock Father HQ.” Truth is, I don’t like Football… specifically, the game.

I’m not opposed to throwing the ball around in the yard – which I really dig – but after growing up on Football – attending many Illini Football Games at the University of Illinois; appearing in a televised Chicago Bears Superbowl Shuffle Parody (as Jim McMahon); collecting countless NFL Football Cards as a kid – I completely denounced Football at some point in High School. Maybe it was being constantly hounded to play – “You’re a big guy! You should be a linebacker!” – or maybe it was just the overall culture surrounding it (I could write volumes on that), but Football was eliminated from my life. Now, as a parent, I’m letting my kids explore their own interests… even when the might not fall in-line with my own, and there’s always a chance they’ll like Football (which would sadden me). In the meantime, I have no problem tossing the ball in the yard, even though I can’t throw a spiral anymore. 

NERF Weather Blitz All-Conditions Football

At the beginning of Summer, the folks at Hasbro sent us their new NERF Weather Blitz All-Conditions Football for review. Bright orange with grey accents, it’s striking in appearance, and immediately grabbed the attention of Addie and Finley. From a parental standpoint, I marveled at how much a NERF Football has changed since I was a kid. I kept thinking about the soft foam, that would eventually dry and crack, leaving chunks out of it that look like a bite into a cake. NERF is different now… durable, and high-tech. 


The gray rubber ribs make gripping the Football easy… even for the little ones. And while I might not be able to throw the ball proper, I can still get that sucker some major air…


Rock Father Approved!Geared toward ages 5+, the NERF Weather Blitz All-Conditions Football will even work for some of the smaller kids (in our experience), and is an often-used piece of our sporting goods collection. 

Rock Father-Approved.

Available from my affiliates, Target and Entertainment Earth.

Baseball FootballBut back to Football as a whole for a minute. After a year of wanting one, I finally broke down and bought a “Baseball” T-Shirt from T-Shirt Hell. It’s a picture of a Football with the word “Baseball” underneath. It’s my official Football Season T-shirt for 2013, and it rocks. 

Want one for yourself? Click here to get one (and I make a few bucks on the sale, too!)

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