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Review: NERF Zombie Strike FUSEFIRE Blaster


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You could say that I know a thing or two about Zombies. While my first exposure to the undead hordes came courtesy of John Landis and his iconic longform video, MICHAEL JACKSON’s THRILLER, it’s sort of unfortunate that my daughters’ first exposure came via a phone commercial for Sprint. Thus is the new age, and it expedited the process of Daddy having to throw down a little knowledge about what exactly these creepy folks are… and how to take care of them. It’s hard to be tactful when explaining the Zombie elimination process to children, as I tend to get a little messy, and violent. But, in the interest of being both tactful and tactical, something arrived courtesy of my friends at Hasbro that I had to give a shot… or five. The new NERF Zombie Strike FUSEFIRE Blaster.

While I’m not hardcore into the world of foam warfare (yet… but I could see it happening), I have some blasters in the arsenal, like the NERF Vortex Revonix360. The FUSEFIRE is a different animal, and one that scores big in multiple areas. It’s portable (though a tad on the heavy side), has storage for five discs, and can hold an additional 5+1 in the built-in magazine and chamber. When taking on the walking dead, night fighting is to be expected, and this is where the FUSEFIRE rocks hard: LED lighting that charges the included glow-in-the-dark discs. And it works so well, with discs going in white and coming out instantly with a brilliant, green, nuclear hue. And the kids love it.

NERF Zombie Strike FUSEFIRE by Hasbro - Review

Loading on this blaster is manual, with a pull-back “quick-load” slot, which drops a disc into the chamber via a spring-loaded mechanism. It takes a few runs to get used to, but is totally worth the learning curve. I actually had to stash this away for a bit to keep the little ones from being strapped all day long.

ROCK FATHER-approved! 2014The NERF Zombie Strike FUSEFIRE Blaster is available now at retailers Nationwide

Rock Father-approved and recommended for kids (and grownups) ages 8+. Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included) which load into the grip (you’ll need a small phillips screwdriver).

Ready to prepare for the Zombie Invasion? Get some NERF Zombie Strike Weapons, and a little reading material (written by this guy!) via (my affiliate) Amazon:



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