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Review: Pacific Play Tents’ SUPER ENORMOUS I Tunnel


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When my little one and I visit the local park district for ”parent-tot playtime” during the week, one of the simplest, yet always hot play items are the fabric tents and tunnels. In fact, they’re so popular that fellow parents often get caught up in discussion about getting one for their own home. Since last summer, I’ve probably led more than a few parents in the direction of the ENORMOUS I TUNNEL from Pacific Play Tents. Special-ordered by Grandma for my daughter’s 2nd birthday from TOYS R US ($59.99), the item was drop-shipped to our home from Pacific Play Tents’ warehouse in Indiana.

What makes the ENORMOUS I TUNNEL unique (there is and ENORMOUS II, btw) is that it’s 6 feet long, but it’s also 28″ in diameter. That means that YOU the parent should also be able to fit through it!

As the package says, it’s “Designed for  the ‘Big Kids’ to play in,” and that’s a solid idea all the way around. So many of the standard tunnels are good only for the littlest kids, and while the price is a little higher, those added years of playtime are well worth it. I’m 35 years old and have spent some time crawling through there (and I’m a big guy), so it works as advertised.

Weird Note: The word “Enormous” is spelled wrong on the box.

This tunnel is also extremely well-constructed from heavyweight nylon, and the metal rings are padded, which means less “ouch” if you happen to kneel right on one. Inside and out, we’ve been rockin’ with the ENORMOUS I tunnel for six months now, and had it out again today. The fun shows no signs of stopping.


RATING: 5/5 Stars 

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