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Review: Road Rippers Maximum Boost (Toy State)

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As an Official Toy State Test Driver, I get the opportunity to check out some fantastic new toys with my girls here in The Rock Father’s State-of-the-Art Toy Testing Facility (our house and neighborhood). Being a toy tester means that we are, in fact, “testing” these rides, and unfortunately the results are on occasion, less-than-expected. Sadly, that’s the case with the new ROAD RIPPERS MAXIMUM BOOST Vehicles, or at least the one that arrived here at HQ. Maybe it’s not a reflection on the whole line, but we definitely got a dud.

Maximum Boost

In concept, the MAXIMUM BOOST cars are fantastic – combining motorized action with lights and sound, along with a “rocket boost” feature that sees a mechanical rocket expand and move out of the trunk as the car pops a wheelie and speed off. Here’s a video of ours when it first arrived – we thought it was awesome:


Problem is, after about 10 minutes of real-world play, the mechanism just stopped working properly. Now, instead of expanding out of the trunk, the rocket barely pushes outward, as if it no longer has enough force to go through it’s entire cycle. The thing that makes it pop a wheelie also gets hung up. Here’s a close-up:


When we test motorized vehicles, we always do “the sidewalk test,” and this is no exception. Watch here as the car goes into rocket mode and immediately stops instead of speeding forward and popping a wheelie:


Aside for the styling and concept, both of which are sound, there’s unfortunately just nothing else good I can say about our experience with the Maximum Boost line thus far. Fingers-crossed that we just got a bad one from the batch, as we’ve had nothing but great experiences with Toy State products in the past. In fact, we’ll try another vehicle from the Maximum Boost line just to be sure.

Here’s a couple of great Toy State Vehicles that I’ve featured here on The Rock Father in the past:

Check out more from Toy State on their official site, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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Further Disclosure: The Rock Father is participating in a sponsored brand ambassador program from Toy State. As a part of this program we have received paid compensation for placement of digital advertisements and specific postings related to Toy State. All opinions are that of James Zahn, with input from his children.

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