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Don’t let jealousy consume you. Don’t lie. Don’t steal. Again, don’t let jealousy consume you… in fact, don’t be jealous of others at all. That’s how I would interpret the lessons taught in SOFIA THE FIRST: THE CURSE OF PRINCESS IVY, the latest adventure from Enchancia to make it’s way home on DVD. Included along with the hour-long special are three additional episodes of the Disney Junior hit – with “The Amulet of Avalor,” “Princess Butterfly” and “The Emerald Key” each adding to the value of the disc. Having already had THE CURSE OF PRINCESS IVY stored on the DVR for a few months, my girls were already well-versed in her sinister intentions long before the DVD arrived here at Rock Father HQ, but a physical copy has already proven to be an invaluable addition to our SOFIA THE FIRST library.

SOFIA THE FIRSTIf you’ve watched SOFIA, then you already know the importance of The Amulet of Avalor – a beautiful purple charm bestowed upon her by her Stepfather, King Roland. As he’s said in the past, the Amulet “practically chose Sofia,” so there’s a sentimental attachment beyond the mysterious. Among it’s magical powers are the ability to speak to animals, and the ability to summon of famous Disney Princess in times of need. It’s when the Amulet falls out of Sofia’s hands that problems can arise. In this case, Step-sister Amber lets her jealously drive her to theft.

Ok, so while Amber might’ve looked at it as “borrowing” the Amulet, the powers held within most certainly viewed it as theft, and rather than letting the jealous Princess summon her intended target – TANGLED’s Rapunzel, it cursed her by bringing her the never-heard-of-before Princess Ivy. The black-and-white-cloaked Ivy had been exiled from her own Kingdom, and once in Enchancia determined it to be ripe for takeover, setting the stage for a battle that could only be won by self-sacrifice. Much as Anna gave herself for Elsa in FROZEN, Amber takes a hit in Sofia’s place to right the wrongs of the curse she brought upon herself, and all is well again.

We’ve been big into SOFIA THE FIRST since Day One, and THE CURSE OF PRINCESS IVY is another great tale from a realm we hope lives on for years to come.

Rock Father-approved.



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