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Review: Step2 Creative Studio Art Desk (Sam’s Club Exclusive)


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Step2 Test Drive BloggerAs a Work-at-Home Dad (WAHD), I’m in a pretty cool position in that I have a dedicated “Command Center” here at the heart of Rock Father HQ – something I can thank my wife for, as it was her idea to place my home office on the ground floor. Periodically, four-year-old Addie has joined me at my desk – usually pulling up a chair to do some coloring or drawing, but she didn’t have her own workspace… until now. As part of my gig as a 2013 Test Drive Blogger, the crew at Step2 sent us their new Creative Studio Art Desk, which is available now as a Sam’s Club Exclusive

Step2 Creative Studio Art Desk - Sam's Club Exclusive

In order to give my girls a proper place to create right here in Daddy’s office, we had to relocate Barbie, who had moved in last Christmas. With the Malibu Dream House (and it’s whole neighborhood) moved into Addie’s bedroom, we had the perfect space to place the Creative Studio Art Desk…


This desk is actually a 2-in-1 Art Studio that has a flip-up/flip-down work surface that can serve as a flat desk, or upright easel – complete with dry erase whiteboard, and a clip for displaying that fine art. There’s a built-in pocket on the side for storing paper, coloring books, etc., and plenty of storage space in the four included bins – perfect for craft supplies, dough, paints, or whatever your little one creates with. On the top of the desk, there’s space for crayons, markers, paint brushes, and pencils. The included stool is just the right height, while the overall size of the desk allows more years of use… taller than some comparable models.


Check out some video of the desk in-action:


Rock Father Approved!The only word of caution with this desk is that there can be a potential pinching hazard for smaller children – e.g., my 15-month-old, who did manage to do just that… and really, it was my fault for not paying more attention. 

Overall, the Step2 Creative Studio Art Desk is a well-built, well-sized unit that offers sturdy construction and storage for a great creative space. Rock Father Approved!


The Rock Father Rating: 4/5 Stars

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