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As a 2013 Step2 Test Drive Blogger, we periodically get to check out some new toys from Step2 here at The Rock Father‘s state-of-art Toy Testing Facility. Usually, that’s the family room or kitchen, but in the case of the Step2 Fun & Sun Climber and Sandbox – that should mean our yard. Unfortunately, Spring 2013 hasn’t really been very “spring-y” here in Northern Illinois. In fact, as I type this post, it’s pouring rain outside with the threat of it changing back over to snow… on April 11… even though it was 72 yesterday. With two little ones here in the house, there was no way to keep this thing under wraps, so for the past month, the Fun & Sun Climber and Sandbox has been set-up in our family room. Addie and Finley love it.

Suggested for ages 1½-4, my daughters are sort of at both ends of the spectrum. At just 9 months, Finn is on the young side, while at 3½, Addie is on the older.  In theory, one will be growing into it while the other is growing out of it, but right now they’re both all about it. 


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Assembly of the Fun & Sun Climber & Sandbox is easy. Everything is packed neatly into one box, and while a hammer and block were said to be required for one step… let’s just say that the power of rock was mighty, and it wasn’t needed in our case (fists of doom!). There’s only a couple of screws required, and those are just to attach the sandbox to the side of the main unit. Addie, being impatient eager as always, was trying to climb this thing before it was even fully operational.


While the Fun & Sun Climber and Sandbox is touted as “featuring multiple play patterns” that allow children to climb, slide and play in the sandbox, ours has also been:

  • A Fort.
  • A Large Ramp for Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars.
  • A Cave.
  • A Set of Parallel Bars (the top of it)
  • A Hiding Place for Finn’s Easter Basket (hidden by a 6-foot anthropomorphic rabbit).

Check out a video highlight reel set to the metallic stylings of my friends, Product of Hate:


For whatever reason, Finn loves the little sand tool that comes with this.


Overall, the Step2 Fun & Sun Climber and Sandbox scores high marks here at Rock Father HQ, and we haven’t even gotten to take it outside yet. The sandbox feature also doubles as a water feature, with a selection of fun gadgets on the side, and a drain for easy cleaning. The only downside I can see with this is that it’s the perfect size for now… and as with most slides geared toward small children, the window of use will be limited. As with most Step2 items, this is MADE IN THE U.S.A., and can be passed onto friends or family, or recycled when it’s use runs out.


The Fun & Sun Climber and Sandbox is available now from


The Rock Father Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

FTC Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of The Step2 Company as a part of The Rock Father’s relationship with them as a 2013 Test Drive Blogger. Step2 appreciates the power of rock, and that all opinions presented are that of James Zahn with influence from his daughters. You should always agree with James.

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