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Recommended for ages 13+, the FUNNY OR DIE game from Hasbro comes with a stern warning that it includes “images of extreme stunts that should not be recreated, mild nudity, and other content that might be offensive to some players.” So, I did what any good “Rock Father” should, and proceeded to play it with a four-year-old… albeit in a slightly amended form. That’s in addition to a few New Years rounds played “grownup-style,” so I can give you a first-hand account of how it’s meant to be played.

Buy FUNNY OR DIE from Amazon (affiliate)Loosely-based on Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s immensely popular website of the same name, FUNNY OR DIE is a simple game that posits interesting photos (some of which are sorta JACKASS in nature) against a series of potential captions, both pre-made and user-generated. Each player starts with 10 of the $1000 “bucks,” one “Funny” token, one “Die” token, and five cards. Rolling a die (as in the singular of “dice”) determines what will happen and the “buy-in” for the round, with the die reflecting a dollar amount and an action. Quite simply, players match up captions and photos, and their opponents judge them with the FUNNY OR DIE tokens. The player with the most FUNNY gets the pile of buy-in cash, and the game ends when the first player goes broke… the richest being deemed the winner.


The Rock Father verdict:

This is definitely a grownup game, but as the recommendation states, teens may dig it. I’m also going to say that some beverages geared toward the 21+ crowd (please be responsible) may also increase the fun factor of the game, though they are completely optional (but recommended by me). The play is simple, swift, and easy to learn, but lots of repeat play might find the game losing a little bit of it’s luster.


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