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Review: The NewAir 84 Can Beverage Cooler – Black and Stainless Steel…

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Back when MTV Cribs was a big thing, there was an episode where MOTLEY CRUE drummer Tommy Lee was showing off with great excitement “The Starbucks” in his house. I love coffee… and I too, wanted a Starbucks in my house. But then the Keurig came out, and practically overnight, most of America seemingly had a Starbucks in their house. It’s gotten more affordable to live the “Rock N’ Roll Lifestyle” over the years, and another thing I’d always had my eye on where those dedicated beverage coolers you typically see under bars and such. Now, the folks at NewAir USA have not only made that item affordable, but they also sent me one for review, and in turn helped me realize a dream I’ve long held onto. Yes, caffeine fuels my day, and now I have it closer than ever.

The NewAir AB-850 84-Can Beverage Cooler is a stylish little unit that holds up to 84 cans (depending on how you stack ’em – my configuration holds less) on four shelves (three of which are removable chrome racks) in a space-saving 17.00″ L x 18.50″ W x 25.20″ H size.

With black sides and a fantastic front door that features stainless steel trim outlining a heavyweight glass window, the cooler is even accented by on-board LED lighting to give it a stylish shine at night. My only gripe is that the lighting is just one color, and I’d prefer it be red.

My NewAir cooler fits perfectly on the console in my office, less than two feet from my workspace and stocked regularly with a mix of Diet Mountain Dew, Coke Zero, Rockstar Energy Drink (occasionally Monster or Amp), and some 5-Hour Energy Shots for Daddy… with the perfect space for the little ones’ Apple & Eve organic juice boxes to be stashed on top. Rock Father Fuel – always ready.

Advertised to cool from 34-64 degrees, I prefer my beverages as cold as possible – near freezing if they can be. The NewAir can certainly bring the chill, as I did pack it a little too tight one night and a couple cans of Diet Dew did freeze and explode. They might’ve been touching the back wall, but if you wonder just how cold these things can get, cold they can be.


Now, while this is advertised as an 84-can unit, as I noted up top – I put less in there. In fact, NewAir actually recommends that you do not overfill the unit as doing so will negatively impact performance. Additionally, you need to have a little bit of space around the unit for venting purposes – much like a refrigerator of traditional size.


The NewAir AB-850 is Rock Father-approved, and would make a great item for rec rooms, offices, playrooms, home theatres, garages and more.

Available now from (my affiliate) Best Buy.
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