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In a lot of ways, the TRANSFORMERS are like BATMAN. At the core, you know the basic gist, but they can be re-worked for different age groups and interests, from preschool to grownups, lighthearted to completely dark. I dig that, and TRANSFORMERS: RESCUE BOTS are a prime example of how the franchise can be molded – to get kids into that robotic action at a young age, with fun stories that help teach the virtues of safety and kindness. There are no battles with the Decepticons here, instead placing a team of Autobot Rescue Bots (at the request of Optimus Prime) on the island of Griffin Rock, Maine, where they work side-by-side with their human friends to learn valuable lessons each week. Airing on The Hub Network (where Season Two just began this month), Shout! Factory Kids has been handling the DVD side of things, and the latest collection, HEROES ON THE SCENE just hit the streets.


We pledge to heed the Prime Alert and help the people of Planet Earth.
We’ll work together and act as one
Until the job at hand is done
We’ll utilize our skills and might
To save the day, and do what’s right.
We are a team of Bots and Men
Protectors, Rescuers and Friends.

With Chase (Police Car), Heatwave (Fire Engine), Blades (Helicopter) and Boulder (Bulldozer) partnered with human allies, I’ve always found the series to be charming in the mix of what the youngest kids love when it comes to their toy vehicles – and learning who the “helpers” are. HEROES ON THE SCENE (sent here for review) features five episodes: The Lost Bell, You’ve Been Squilshed, Little White Lies, Shake Up and Rescue Boy – and while they’re all good, it’s Little White Lies that stands out for me, especially since my oldest (four) is just starting to hit that point with her little friends where “fibbing” is becoming a thing and needs to be corrected.


Based on the Hasbro toy line which is celebrating it’s 30th Anniversary this year, TRANSFORMERS: RESCUE BOTS are great for kids, but also for 30-something parents like me, who grew up with G1, and want to get their kids started off right. 


The Rock Father Rating: 4/5 Stars

TRANSFORMERS: RESCUE BOTS DVDs and Toys are available via (my affiliate) Amazon:



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