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Rides: Cool Kickstarter – MO-TO: Modern Vintage Toy Cars by Candylab

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Now this is cool. I’ve featured some other wooden cars here on The Rock Father in the past, but MO-TO: Modern Vintage Toy Cars by Candylab Toys are really appealing for a lot of reasons. Currently running as a Kickstarter* to launch the line into production, MO-TO are heirloom-quality wood toys “inspired by mid-century American design and car culture.”  Created by Vlad and Florin, collectively known as Candylab, MO-TO is ready to begin production following a couple of years worth of design, safety testing, and packaging. Check out their full story and pitch video below…


“MO-TO cars are at heart a series of refined wood blocks on wheels. Elegant proportions reminiscent of iconic 1960’s automobiles, minute and complex carving details, perfectly smooth rubber tires and lively graphics- this all adds up to a stunning toy.”

What do YOU think of MO-TO? Would you buy these for your little ones? Share your thoughts below, or check out their Kickstarter Page for a ton of photos and information.

Mo-To Cars

*A Note on Kickstarter Projects that are featured on The Rock Father: I get pitched a lot of projects (seriously, A LOT) and only have the time to feature a select few here on the site. I need to really, really, really like the project to devote time to post it. Please be aware, that at the end of the day, pitching me a Kickstarter/IndieGoGo or any other “crowd-funding” effort is really just asking me to help someone I don’t know ask for money. So please don’t be rude, don’t hound me, and don’t badger me. There is no reason to send a follow-up email. If I like the project and have time, I may post about it.

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