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Rides: Fuel Rewards and the “Little Things” that make Life Better…

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THE ROCK FATHER Magazine is a #ShellCrowd #FuelRewards Brand Ambassador, taking part in a special content series with SocialStars and Shell.

There’s certain things you occasionally come across that are just worth sharing (regardless of whether you’re getting paid for it, #RockFatherStyle). Fuel Rewards is one such thing, and when I first shared some information on it, I focused on how easy it is to sign-up (for free!), and to start earning rewards that convert into legit savings at the pump. Easy steps like linking a credit card to your account (MasterCard preferred) earn bonuses, and new members get a 25¢ per gallon bonus on their 2nd fill-up. You use that same card for daily purchases and dining, and the points add up. Prime example – I took the Equniox to Shell the other night for a fill-up, and saved 30¢ per gallon. Check out the picture below… if you can see it, the pump says $1.39, while the sign at the road says $1.69. Fuel Rewards turned into real savings. But what do you do with the money that you save?

Fuel Rewards

By saving a few bucks with each fill-up, I look at that as my daily spend – little things that make life more enjoyable. It could be a cup of coffee here and there… a pop… or as is the case for me right now, we’ve reached the season where each year, a tiny Leprechaun shows up and tells me that I must continue my lifelong tradition to stop by a certain restaurant for a green mint milkshake in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. A few bucks saved is a few bucks earned, or so the saying sorta goes, right?

That money earned can also fuel things like movie tickets… a dinner out… and here at Rock Father HQ, our TOY addiction! Or, you could just save all that money and let it pile up at home to be admired…


https://www.instagram.com/p/BAlN7PWR-vH/” style=” color:#c9c8cd; font-family:Arial,sans-serif; font-size:14px; font-style:normal; font-weight:normal; line-height:17px; text-decoration:none;” target=”_blank”>A photo posted by James Zahn (@therockfather) on


Well, maybe not THAT much cash, but it doesn’t hurt to keep the dream alive.

I’m into saving money, and Fuel Rewards makes that effortless. Get started at FuelRewards.com!

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