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Rides: Hot Wheels High Jump Frenzy R/C by Toy State (Review)

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When it comes to radio-controlled vehicles, 2015 is already off to an exciting start with the arrival of the HOT WHEELS R/C High Jump Frenzy vehicle from Toy State. The latest entry into Toy State’s growing Hot Wheels line (produced under license from Mattel) actually hit the streets just before Christmas last year, but it’s taken a little time to get back up-to-speed here in our state-of-the-art Toy Testing Facility at Rock Father HQ  (our house) to present an accurate review.

Recommended for Ages 8+ (though younger kids will dig it under adult supervision), this exceptionally durable vehicle features 360-degree zero-point turning, forward and reverse motion, and the namesake “high jump” action. A press of a button on the controller will prepare the spring-loaded launch bar (much like those used for some motion-picture stunts), while an illuminated red button will light to signal “all ready.” Pressing that button during either forward or reverse drive will send the car flying, and the results can be both impressive and silly, but certainly fun.


For a seamless, four wheels on-the-ground-and-keep-rolling landing, speed is required – and generally using forward motion. This has been a little tricky to achieve here due to small space inside and icy weather outside, but it has been done. But, as the official description for the vehicle states, you can “watch the vehicle roll back onto its wheels” which tends to be the more likely scenario for small space and low-speed play. As noted above, it’s durable (none of that brittle, fragile plastic) and the roll cage truly does it’s job, helping the vehicle to right itself and keep rolling.

Another bonus that I hope to see more from Toy State (especially with their recent acquisition of Nikko) is an on-board rechargeable battery and included wall plug. While the controller still requires some AAA’s, we go through a ton of batteries with our growing R/C fleet, so any rechargeables are massively appreciated.

Joker and Clio?
What’s this? Yep, Little People Joker and Princess Clio from SOFIA THE FIRST were taking a ride in the High Jump Frenzy.

Bottom line: The Hot Wheels R/C High Jump Frenzy is worthy of a look for kids (and grownups) looking for something a little bit different in the R/C category that can take a beating and keep on going. While it won’t win any races on the speed front, it’s a ton of fun.

Learn more at ToyState.com

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