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This edition of Rock Father Rides is brought to you by Collective Bias and #Pennzoil…

When you’re a daily driver like me, chances are you’re not giving a ton of thought to the motor oil in your engine. After all, as parents, the bulk of our driving is spent running kids to-and-from school and activities. Thing is, that stop-and-go can put a lot of stress on a car, and when you factor in my wife’s 80-mile round-trip to-and-from work every day, then you’ve got a high-mileage vehicle in the mix as well. So what does that daily driving have to do with NASCAR? Well, if you use Pennzoil Platinum with PurePlus Technology (a full synthetic motor oil forged from Natural Gas), you’re helping infuse your car with the same total protection that helps keep Team Penske, and Joey Logano‘s #22 Pennzoil-sponsored Ford racing in top shape every Sunday. I spent some time with Team Penske at the recent Kobalt 400 in Las Vegas to get the full details on the relationship between their team and the folks at Pennzoil and Shell, along with how that translates into knowledge we can all use in our everyday rides. Check out the latest video episode of Rock Father Rides below to learn more!

The Total Protection of Pennzoil Platinum: Wear Protection, Better Fuel Economy, Protects Horsepower, Cleaner Pistons, Excellent Performance in Extreme Temperatures.

While Team Penske runs a special blend that is constantly perfected for on-track use by a team of Pennzoil scientists, the off-the-shelf Pennzoil Platinum is perfect for daily use, and is available at all the major retailers and oil change shops – simply ask for it. What’s particularly fascinating is that the base oil is so clean and clear (since it’s pulled from Natural Gas instead of Crude Oil, which is dirty from nature), the filmmakers behind the PENNZOIL #Joyride series actually suspended some of it between glass and shot their cameras through it.

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When it comes to cars, I consider myself an enthusiast that tries to take care of his rides as best he can, but I’m no mechanic. On that note, I have extreme respect for the skilled builders and technicians that keep all of our rides rockin’ the road, and while in Las Vegas I had a chance to hang out with three of the best – all of which have some stellar YouTube videos and tutorials available for those looking to learn more. My old friend Charles from Humble Mechanic (who I first met at the Chicago Auto Show back in 2014) was in attendance, as well as Brian from BriansMobile1 and David from Motor City Mechanic.  Seriously, I can’t say enough about the impressive scope of knowledge that these guys throw-down in their videos, so please check them out if you’re interested in the workings of cars, and the folks that keep them running.

BONUS: If I’m covering an event, you know there will be #toyography involved. The cars I used this time around are from Lionel Racing, the official diecast of NASCAR. Check out the detail on the 1:64-scale Joey Logano #22!

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Learn more about Pennzoil Platinum and the PurePlus Technology behind it at

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