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Rides: Rockin’ the Road with the Hot Wheels Engine Power R/C Baja Bone Shaker by Toy State

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Toy State Test DriverIt’s always interesting to see what kids will latch onto, and when it comes to HOT WHEELS, Addie has particular affection for a model known as the BONE SHAKER. I’m not entirely sure why that is, but I think it goes back to when we started reviewing Mega Bloks Hot Wheels sets here on the site a year or so ago. We did one set with Bone Shaker, and then did another – one in which we did our own custom rebuild to create a version of what’s known as the “Baja Bone Shaker.” At this point, whenever we come across a version of the car (the recent TEAM HOT WHEELS: THE ORIGIN OF AWESOME comes to mind), Addie is all over it… like when we were in Toys R Us a few months back and she just took it upon herself to drop a $39.99 Hot Wheels Engine Power R/C Baja Bone Shaker into our cart without asking. But Daddy happens to be a 2014 Toy State Test Driver, and guess who makes that one? Yep, Toy State in partnership with Mattel… so I told little Addie to hold off for a bit and see what THE ROCK FATHER could do. Fast-forward to June, and the beast had arrived here at Rock Father HQ among my latest items for testing. Rock and Roll!

Watch: The Hot Wheels Engine Power R/C Baja Boneshaker in action


Recommended for Ages 6+ (but younger kids dig it, too), the Engine Power R/C Baja Bone Shaker (or Boneshaker, as it’s sometimes called) does not disappoint. Straight out of the box, it’s impressive – a fine counterpart to it’s 1:64-scale diecast cousin, and as you can see via my Instagram, we paired it not with a “Baja,” but a similarly-colored Bone Shaker from the Hot Wheels mainline for a size comparison.

Red and Black with plenty of chrome, this ride feels powerful – with it’s rumbling engine and menacing red lights ready to hit the streets. It’s even got the iconic Hot Wheels logo represented in the treads of it’s tires. 

The controls are simple – easy to master for kids and grownups alike, and our Bone Shaker has seen some serious action over the past few weeks here at HQ. In fact, there’s a lot of little girls in our neighborhood (ages 2 to about 15 or so) that it turns out just LOVE to play with cars… but some of their parents haven’t noticed or embraced that interest. It’s a pretty great sight to see them gathered on the driveway and sidewalk in front of our house – each checking out the latest additions to our Toy State collection, racing them… crashing them… and a couple of weeks ago I had two little princesses in dresses building jump ramps out of scraps.

It’s an activity that I can deem ROCK FATHER-APPROVED! Just like the new Engine Power R/C… perfect for summer play with action and a lot of imagination!


Check out more from Toy State on their official site, TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.
Hot Wheels R/C are available now from (my associate), Amazon.



Further Disclosure: THE ROCK FATHER is participating in a sponsored brand ambassador program from Toy State. As a part of this program we have received paid compensation for placement of digital advertisements and specific postings related to Toy State. All opinions are that of James Zahn, with input from his children.

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