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Rides: Rockin’ the Sidewalk with the SPACE SCOOTER

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This past Spring, a new ride arrived here at Rock Father HQ for review – one that’s already become known as “one of Europe’s best-selling transit devices.” The Space Scooter has been available in the U.S. now for a little while, and after having ours for a few months, and teasing it on my Instagram, it’s time to throw down a few thoughts about this new spin on an old classic. Check out the video below for what the Space Scooter rides like, hands-on…

While most scooters are propelled by placing one foot on the deck and using the other to push and get it going (and this one can be used that way in one configuration), the Space Scooter allows kids and grownups (there’s two models) the ability to put both feet on deck, propelling the Scooter by rocking the board – “pump and go.”

Space Scooter Review

You can ride the Space Scooter at a pretty good clip (we have the model x580), it’s chain-driven power allowing for what’s essentially bicycle technology to be placed within the compact shape of the scooter. 

Overall, the construction seems to be pretty solid, as our Space Scooter has held up this season. It’s got a good weight to it, but it’s not heavy. It also folds for easy storage. 

The Space Scooter Junior is rated for up to 130lbs, but we opted for the full size model which is rated for up to 200lbs. While our girls only weigh about 50lbs each right now, their height and ability paired with the hope that our Space Scooter lasts for many years is why we opted for the larger model when the review offer came in.

Rock Father-approved. Learn more at https://spacescooter-usa.com/

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