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I’ve covered and reviewed a ton of vehicles here in the “Rides” section of THE ROCK FATHER, but until today, I have never thrown down any virtual ink devoted to a helicopter. Truth is, until a few weeks ago, we’d never owned an R/C helicopter, though I’ve been tempted on occasion by those displays that tend to pop-up at the wholesale clubs and mall kiosks on occasion. The the folks at Silverlit Toys sent use their Nano Falcon – the world’s smallest I/R model helicopter – a fact certified by Guinness World Records. Straight out of the box, this thing is fascinating.

nano350Just about 3 inches long by 2 inches high (not counting the rotors), the Nano Falcon reminds me a bit of the Island Hopper on MAGNUM P.I. (which, btw – Hot Wheels just made a die-cast version of), but it’s size is more on-par with a dragonfly or other decent-sized flying insect that we’d find in our garden. The technology is incredible to me just because it’s so small, and feels pretty fragile – though it takes a beating, which is a good thing since there is a bit of a learning curve.

Powered by four AA batteries that are placed inside the controller and used to charge the Nano’s built-in battery via a charging port on the controller itself, 20 minutes of charge is said to provide roughly 4-5 minutes of flight time, but we’ve seen it go closer to the 10-minute range. Slow and steady is the key here, giving the Nano gentle inputs from the dual-stick controls. I’ve crashed this thing good (mainly taking off too quick and hitting the ceiling), and the girls think it’s hilarious. My dogs think it’s disturbing. Once I got the hang of it, I find it highly entertaining, addictive, and also quite calming.

VIDEO: Watch the Silverlit Nano Falcon in-action here at Rock Father HQ –


The Nano Falcon has flown to all parts of Rock Father HQ, but is recommended only for indoor use as it needs a nice, calm space to fly – devoid of any real sources of wind. Being the troublemaker that I am, yes… I took it outside. It didn’t fare well, and I was back in within a few minutes.

Rock Father-Approved!The Silverlit Nano Falcon is recommended for Ages and Up, and is not for children under 3. 

Rock Father-Approved!

Available now from the Silverlit Shop, Amazon and Walmart
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