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Just a Cough? No, It’s Never ‘Just a Cough’

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The Rock Father™ is spinning a tale about Robitussin® as part of a sponsored series for Socialstars™

My wife often makes reference to me as a youngster. After all, we’ve known each other for 20 years at this point, and you’d think that over the course of those decades, some “growing up” would’ve taken place. Overall, it has (quite a bit), but certain habits have yet to change, and proper rest is a part of that. Yes, I make mention of this stuff pretty frequently – I’m always busy, usually working (mostly from home), and I don’t take care of myself the way that I should. Problem is, I’m responsible for a lot of things (and people), and as a 40-year-old man, I still function much like a 20-year-old in that my days and nights often run together and my scheduled and internal clock is sorta “off.” That can get tricky at times when I lose track of things or pull some late-night hours, hammering away at some official Rock Father business in my office, all while the family sleeps upstairs. Throw something like a cough into the mix, and there’s an issue. First off, it’s never just a cough – but when it happens, I need relief for myself… and others. Fact: My hacking cough has disturbed the family on a time or two.


In my wellness kit, Robitussin® 12 Hour Cough Relief helps me take back my day (or night) by taking a dose* that will last. Whether it’s knocking out the cough for a proper night or quiet, or taking it out so I can properly speak (or remain silent) during the course of the daylight hours, the extended-release action of Robitussin is appreciated. 


Because I’m my own boss (for the most part), I don’t get a “sick day.” After all, even if I did, who really wants to be held hostage by a cough or cold? Certainly not me.

*10 mL every 12 hours, not to exceed 20 mL in 24 hours. Available in Orange and Grape Flavored Liquid. Check out Robitussin.com for more.

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