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Rock Father’s Day 2014: Artist Spotlight – Brady Rymer #RockFathersDay

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“I was on tour with FROM GOOD HOMES in 1996 and my wife called me,” recalls BRADY RYMER about the moment he first realized that he’d soon become a father for the very first time. “I was ecstatic! I wanted to come home immediately!,” he continues, “I had the feeling that a big ol’ lovely, challenging, unknown adventure was about to begin!” Now, ahead of Rock Father’s Day 2014, and with his new album slated for release next week, Brady took a few moments to talk a little bit about Fatherhood, and his role as a “Rock Father.”

LISTEN: Brady Rymer & The Little Band that Could – “Light of Love”


bradyQuick Profile:

Name: Brady Rymer

Offspring: Gus, 17. Daisy, 15.

Musical History: Currently the leader of BRADY RYMER & THE LITTLE BAND THAT COULD, and bassist for THE LAURIE BERKNER BAND. Also, FROM GOOD HOMES (RCA Records)

Current Releases: JUST SAY HI! (available June 17, 2014) and the just-released Laurie Berkner’s LULLABIES.

LISTEN: Brady Rymer & The Little Band that Could – “Ice Cream Girl”


JAMES (THE ROCK FATHER): What have you found to be the hardest about balancing music and family?

BRADY: Finding time to spend together. As they get older it becomes more and more challenging to arrange the schedule so everyone can do what they want and we still have some time together as a family. Music can help that sometimes – if there’s a festival or show that I’m playing we can turn that into a family trip.

JAMES: Was there ever any concern that you wouldn’t be able to balance the two?

BRADY: Yes. But I tried to limit my touring schedule, and then when I was home I had nice chunks of quality time to spend with the family. Eventually, I decided to stop touring and begin a new career as a kid’s singer/songwriter – that kept me at home and very involved.

JAMES: Since becoming a parent, has it changed your creative output or the way you view your musical life?

BRADY: Yes, it’s been very inspiring. I feel most comfortable writing about things that I know so writing about my kid’s experiences and my family has been fun, rewarding, and it’s definitely kept me busy.


Lots — and the definition keeps expanding as my kids get older. Here are a few things that come to mind:

  • Brady on the porchAlways being there for them
  • Setting a good example
  • Doing what I love so that they can see that and know who I am
  • Being a buddy
  • Not worrying about being perfect
  • Letting them have their freedom to explore and experience life.
  • experiencing as much as you can with your kids
  • finding out who they truly are — letting them be themselves
  • providing and creating an environment that lets them be who they are and feel good about their lives/choices, etc…
  • knowing that you don’t know everything and that your role as a dad is always changing as your kid’s lives change. Be open, ready and willing!
JAMES: How have you introduced music to your children throughout their lives?

BRADY: I’ve written songs with them. I’ve asked them to sing on my albums. I leave instruments lying around so they can play if they want… We see live shows together. Basically, it’s part of our lives, just like any other activity, so we’ve been able to have fun with it naturally that way. They also take lessons and pursue the music that they want to learn or play.

JAMES: What are some favorite artists that you like to enjoy with your kids?

BRADY: Right now, ‘cause my kids are older, they’re into pop artists/rock & electronica – they love to dance and to be a part of the big cultural rock/pop star scene – so they’ve been introducing me to new artists lately. If their music reminds me of an artist that I know of I’ll tell them about it. It’s fun to watch them discover their own music and develop their own tastes.

JAMES: What’s the most “rock and roll” thing you’ve ever done with them?

BRADY: I remember when they would come with me to shows when they were younger – they used to love the backstage area… and I guess I was more focused on the show so they would run a little wild and lawless sometimes – so, they would inevitably be a backstage mess – you know, very rock n roll-like. That always cracked me up – they seemed to do more damage than I ever did when I was touring with my rock band!

JAMES: Final question – and it’s something we’ve all been talking about this week – Favorite toys?

BRADY: My son loves his Scooter, video camera & editing movies – social media stuff and dancing. My daughter loves her ukulele, music, camera, sewing machine, all things DIY, social media & dancing. Me – I like my guitar and books. I’m currently trying to find the perfect pair of workout sneakers!

BRADY RYMER & THE LITTLE BAND THAT COULD will release JUST SAY HI! on June 17th. Order that record, or other titles from Brady’s vast discography below, and be sure to check out Brady’s website for more!



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