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Rock Father’s Day 2014: Artist Spotlight – Brendan Kremer of HULLABALOO #RockFathersDay

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“We had been trying for a while to become parents and were ecstatic to find that it finally worked,” recalls HULLABALOO drummer/percussionist Brendan Kremer, discussing when he first discovered that he was soon going to be a Father. “The shock was to find that we were having twins,” he continues. “It is not something you automatically know how to handle, especially when you learn they are both girls. I remember seeing them for the first time and realizing that I was now the only man in the house and was in for big trouble. But it has been nothing but a blessing every day.” Now, ahead of Rock Father’s Day 2014, Brendan shares some thoughts on being a Dad, and a musician…



Brendan and DaughtersQuick Profile:

Name: Brendan Kremer

Offspring:: 11 year old twin girls, Allison and Jordan

Musical History: Percussionist/Drummer for HULLABALOO, a free range, organic kids band from San Diego. Driven by the genius of Steve Denyes, Hullabaloo has released 10 CDs and performs over 300 shows a year in San Diego. In addition to Hullabaloo, Brendan is the drummer in two other adult oriented projects that play around various parts of Southern California. By day he is a hospital administrator and has a very understanding wife (and no, he does not play at all 300 gigs).

Current Projects: Hullabaloo just released their 10th album, SHY KID BLUES, the (mostly) true story of the band. Using a unique combination of songs and storytelling, it tells the story of a painfully shy kid that grows up to be a singer in a band.

WATCH: HULLABALOO – “Dad Upside Down”


BRENDAN: My girls were part of the inspiration for HULLABALOO as our first performance was at their 1st birthday. They grew with the band and then grew out of the band. That was a hard transition as KATY PERRY replaced us on the playlist. It has been great growing with them and I never miss an opportunity to point out a great hook or excellent musicianship in a song they are listening to.

JAMES (THE ROCK FATHER): Was there any concern that you wouldn’t be able to balance your family life with your musical life?

BRENDAN: Absolutely. Especially since I chose early on to have a non-musical career to pay the bills, my music life was always going to have to come in third place in my priority setting.  At the time, neither Steve nor I envisioned that it would be a full time career for him and a great opportunity for me. Over the past 10 years, it has grown to a point where it can be all encompassing and it has taken a very understanding wife and musical partner to make it work. I simply cannot imagine my life without playing music.

JAMES: Has being a parent changed your creative output or the way you view your musical life?

Being a parent has made me appreciate the opportunity to be a musician and especially the time and patience my parents had when I was learning to play. I try to encourage my girls to explore their own musical paths and encourage them to try new instruments and styles.

JAMES: What’s the hardest thing about balancing your music with your parenting duties?

BRENDAN: Time. As kids grow and their lives and adventures change, so does your own experience. It was easier to be a member of HULLABALOO when the kids were younger and came to many of the shows. Now the performances are balanced with weekend soccer games, back to school meetings and YMCA events. My main goal is to make sure that my music never takes away from my time with my family as I can never have that back. It has become my one and only hobby away from my family and I make sure to include them whenever possible.

“Doing the best you can without a playbook. I take my role as father very seriously and look to my own role models of my dad and my friend’s dad’s for inspiration. I try to be the steady rock for my girls providing the right amount of structure and authority while still letting them be kids. In addition, I try to be the best support to my wife as I can be. With twins, you only have one shot at every age so there is a lot of times you wish you would have handled it differently. But I am internally gratefully to be a dad and would not want it any other way.”Brendan Kremer
JAMES: How have you introduced music to your children?

BRENDAN: Since they were very young, I have tried to instill my love of music into them. Whether it is constantly having music playing in the background or trying to explain to them why the Anvil Chorus is so cool, I have tried to make them enthusiastic and in love with all forms of music. We have encouraged them to play an instrument from an early age and be comfortable performing in front of others.

JAMES: What are some favorite artists that you like to enjoy with the girls?

BRENDAN: We just finished a love affair with the last ADELE CD which all could agree on. And more recently I have them hooked on TOOTS and the MAYTALS which can make you feel better no matter how your day is going. They are trying to get me into ALOE BLACC, but we are not there yet…

JAMES: What’s the most “rock and roll” thing you’ve ever done with the girls?

My kids once came to hear one of my adult bands in the middle of a Harley-Davidson dealership. They danced up a storm and had a ball amongst the other patrons and were the life of the party.

JAMES: Last question – Favorite Toys?

BRENDAN: Mine – My 1960s Ludwig re-issue drum kit with a purple paisley finish. Theirs? An iPad (sadly)

“Playing music for young kids is a really rewarding experience. Even though my own girls have grown out of the phase, it is great fun to play music for other parents who are experiencing a wonderful age where their kids are full of wonder and joy at every new day. When you are playing on stage and you watch children dance and jump around with unabashed glee, it makes you feel very lucky to be a musician. I have a great time playing in a bar for adults too, but there is something to watching a young child having a great time to a simple, silly song. I hope that one or two of the kids that we played for other last 10 years may consider becoming a drummer or a guitarist someday and remember Hullabaloo as their first concert. Now that would rock.” Brendan Kremer
For more on HULLABALOO, check out their official website, or add their music to your collection via Amazon:



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