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My wife and I were driving south on I-94 outside of Chicago in November of 2008. We were on our way to a Thanksgiving gathering that was happening pre-Thanksgiving, and she turned to me very quickly and said “I think you knocked me up.” That was the moment that I first realized that I’d soon become a Father for the very first time. The weight of things didn’t really hit me, but I remember smiling ear-to-ear and just thinking, “OK – let’s do this!” She was afraid that I’d be unhappy about the news – especially because just the night before… I’d been on the phone with my Mom, who was shopping at Target with a couple of my Step Brother’s kids – and as they were acting out and being naughty – I made some quip about “not having kids.” Funny thing is, I’ve always been good with kids – but there’s also definitely an “old me” versus who I’ve become. On August 7, 2009 – our 10th Wedding Anniversary – our first daughter, Addie, was born. We liked it so much, that we prepped a sequel, and were back at the hospital two years ago TODAY – June 15, 2012, for the release of Little Finley!

The Zahn FamilyQuick Profile:

Name: James Zahn

Offspring: Daughters, Adalyn Monet (almost 5), Finley Renoir (2 – today!)

Musical History: Self-taught guitarist and musical dabbler that can make noise on a variety of instruments. Guitar/Vocals in ODLID! (1994-1998), EPILEPTIC CAESAR (1997), Guitar/Vox/Programming for THE JAMES ZAHN CONSPIRACY (2000-2001) during which time he contributed one track to Artisan Entertainment’s “Blair WitchMix” (alongside artists like Marilyn Manson, Godhead and more), Guitar/Vocals/Bass in SATURDAY ACTION THEATRE (2004-?). As an entertainment writer/journalist began his career by interviewing FAITH NO MORE (at age 15) on television (ZTV, which ran from 1992-1994), which opened the door to conduct hundreds of interviews on television, in print and on the web over the past 22 years. As a director/editor, James has crafted music videos for FEAR FACTORY, ARCANIUM, DIRGE WITHIN, PRODUCT OF HATE, and others. Outside music, has worked in film, television, comics and other areas of publishing.

Current Projects: Publisher of THE ROCK FATHER™: The Pop Culture and Lifestyle Magazine for Families that Rock (this site!), Manager of PRODUCT OF HATE. Occasionally gets called into action by other outlets as a commentator and media personality. Serves as a PBS KIDS VIP (Very Involved Parent), has penned articles for the Sprout (NBC Universal) website and has ongoing relationships with some of the best entertainment companies and biggest brands in world. Who knew becoming a parent would be the best job in the world?


When I announced the launch of THE ROCK FATHER™ back in 2011, my idea of what it would be was different. There is no road map for what I do, and while the overall skeleton of what THE ROCK FATHER™ would be was in-place, it’s evolved and grown in the years that have followed. The biggest thing I was wrong about in the beginning is that I’d be writing for Dads. Beyond writing for myself, my primary readership and the community that has formed around this site has always been Moms… but THE ROCK FATHER™ is for everyone. It’s meant to be read by grownups, but covers entertainment and lifestyle for the entire family – kids and grownups alike. Drawing from my own past as an entertainment writer, and occasional editor of online magazines for others, it became clear that while THE ROCK FATHER™ is in many ways an online extension of myself – fueled by a virtual “me” as “The Rock Father” – it’s not the “Daddy Blog” that I thought it would be. It’s a magazine that happens to have my journal on it… one in which my girls find themselves worked into nearly every post I write in some capacity… powered by my personal anecdotes… but all of YOU that support my virtual ink are why THE ROCK FATHER™ continues to grow. For that, I am forever grateful.

Year Five as a Parent. The Beginning of Year Four of this Site. There’s some incredible adventures ahead…


(Addie drew a picture of me today)

Top Photo: Blueberry Button Photography – taken last summer. We need a more current family pic.

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