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I’m sitting in Los Angeles as I type this, about to head over to Walt Disney Studios on some not-so-secret Rock Father business. While I’m on the Disney lot, of course I’ll be keeping my eyes and ears open, hoping to discover some grand secrets about December’s release of ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY, but I can be 99.999% sure that there will be none. As with THE FORCE AWAKENS, official news has been light thus far, but with STAR WARS CELEBRATION: EUROPE coming up and SDCC (which I’m told will not have a ROGUE ONE presence, but ya never know) as well, you can bet the floodgates will soon be open as we head toward fall. ROGUE ONE is an interesting beast, a film that’s a prequel by definition (34 years before THE FORCE AWAKENS), but not in the same realm of the infamous George Lucas-helmed “Prequel Trilogy,” and today comes some real details.

Upon release of the first trailer, there was some confusion from casual fans as to what it is – something scoffed-at by the hardcore fans, but a genuine concern in educating the mass audience that loved J.J. Abrams’ THE FORCE AWAKENS last year. While we’ll wait another year to see what Rian Johnson has in-store for Rey, Finn, Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren in Episode VIII, this takes us back to the days directlt preceding the first film – 1977’s STAR WARS. It’s a time of war, and a tale of how the Rebels got their hands on the plans to The Empire’s first DEATH STAR. While there have been countless rumors (some true), I tend to avoid that coverage here on THE ROCK FATHER Magazine (with rare exception) until we have confirmation, and today comes a big one via Entertainment Weekly: Indeed, DARTH VADER returns to the big screen in Gareth Edwards’ ROGUE ONE: A STAR  WARS STORY.


In the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly (which will hopefully be in my mailbox when I return home), ROGUE ONE graces the cover, and the magazine promises details on the upcoming (and much buzzed-about) reshoots and what they’ll add to the film, in addition to throwing down about the new vehicles (which Hasbro should also be releasing as toys this fall), the parents of our hero, and the return of the most famous Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader.

Stay tuned for more on ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY as I have it!

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