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mainalbumkurbadsWhat’s more metal than swords, cloaks, and tales of mystical beasts and legends? NOTHING.
In that, SKYFORGER is about as metal as they come. The “Latvian Pagan Metal” band brings Baltic folk music into their guitar-driven fury, creating an album worthy of a hearty mosh and the anger of an Orc. Indeed my black-shirted brothers and sisters, if Bilbo Baggins was a thrasher, KURBADS would likely be blaring from the entrance to his tree-based hut.
 Check out “Black Rider” or “The Devilslayer” to hear just how effective the band is. The flute lead on “In the Underworld” nearly brought a tear to my eye.
I can’t possibly leave you without including the following quotation from the SKYFORGER’s own official biography: “[KURBADS is] a conceptual album about the legendary Latvian fairytale hero, Kurbads, who was born magically from the white mare and did many great deeds. This album will be Skyforger’s debut album and will be a stellar installment in the band’s catalogue…

It takes some stones to tell your potential audience that your album will be “stellar,” but it’s also interesting to mention your back catalog while calling this your “debut album.” In truth, KURBADS is SKYFORGER’s debut album for Metal Blade, and thus the mainstream metal audience. The band has released four prior albums on European labels.

Pray to the Gods that SKYFORGER continues to fly their mighty flag high above the mountains, slaying whatever evil beast may have the misfortune of crossing their paths.

Rating: 4/5 Stars

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