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Sneak-Preview: Prepare for the Arrival of the MYSTICONS!

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There’s a new group of heroes hitting the scene this week in an urban fantasy that’s been described as “Manhattan meets Middle Earth.” Mysticons follows the tale of four girls – each from a different walk of life – as they’re transformed into legendary warriors. Together, Arkayna, Zarya, Em and Piper take an oath to battle evil and protect a magical realm in a new hero brand that the creators hope will “showcase every girl’s strength, confidence and character.” The animated series debuts today on Nickelodeon (4pm EST) and I’ve got a sneak-preview for you below!

Ahead of its television debut, the Mysticons series first showed up on YouTube earlier this year, priming the audience for a big world that will eventually expand. Playmates Toys and Topps are involved, so you can expect a merchandising blitz to arrive in 2018. Given Playmates’ success with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Voltron and Ben 10, I expect that their Mysticons toys will be very cool.

MYST Composed 06 2048x1536

Having seen the first episode and all of the clips on YouTube, I can tell you that while this is a new property, there’s a kinship to some past tales that children of the 80s (like myself) or fans of the era will appreciate. There’s more than a few points that seem to make a nod toward Masters of the Universe, particularly She-Ra: Princess of Power. From the main baddie Dreadbane (think Hordak with Skeletor’s voice), to the furry Choko, who looks a lot like She-ra’s friend, Kowl, it seems there’s an influence there. Take a look…

mysticons compare

For more, check out https://mysticons.com

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