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Snow Joe: I Have Never Been More Prepared for a Snowstorm…

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When it comes to power equipment, I’m always torn – I love the sheer power and performance of gas, but like the environmental benefits of going electric. My wife knows that I struggle with this battle often, and over the years I’ve flip-flopped how I do things on more than a few occasions. There is, however, one particular area where I’ve long-hoped to make a switch – and that’s the snowblower. Sure, I dug the power, but I hated the post-snowblowing shower – a necessity to wash away the nastiness of the exhaust fumes that were created by a noxious gas/oil mix. Having admired the cordless options of Snow Joe for a few years, I bought the Snow Joe iON PRO Series 21-Inch Cordless Single Stage Brushless Snow Blower (iON21SB-PRO) from Amazon. Then, in some strange synergetic coincidence, the folks at Snow Joe got in touch about working together – “The Rock Father” becoming a late-season Brand Ambassador. Already a customer, I accepted – and as of today, I’ve never been more prepared for a snowstorm… and I’m crossing my fingers that one comes very soon.

Weather here in Illinois is ridiculously unpredictable, and over the past few years, it seems like the seasons have shifted by weeks – perhaps even months. We got our first major snow back in November, the first 12″ dump coming the morning of the Chicago Toy & Game Fair. Then it completely melted… then more snow… then a melt… then ice. It’s all screwed-up. Last week I had a light, but really wet dusting – just enough to try my 21″ for a few. As it sits right now, we’re in a meltdown, with the ice almost gone from outside – but they say there’s more snow on the way this week. 

Follow me here on the site, and on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – and follow Snow Joe, too with #GoWithJoe! I’ll be putting a pair of Snow Joe Snow Blowers to the test – including my 21″ PRO, and what Snow Joe just sent me – the new 18″ iON Hybrid (available at The Home Depot) – the first snow blower that allows AC/DC operation, with users able to switch between corded and cordless use, for quick removal of whatever may fall. And for the car, I’ve got the new illum-n-broom LED-lighted 4-in-1 snow and ice scraper ready to rock. Stay tuned…


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