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Aleph Records just hit The Rock Father with full details on Lalo Schifrin: My Life in Music, a four-CD boxed set of music from the legendary composer’s career in film, jazz, and classical music. The set features music from three-dozen films, jazz and symphonic pieces composed by Schifrin, and unreleased music from films including Charley Varrick, The Beguiled, Joe Kidd, and Coogan’s Bluff. Along with over five hours worth of music, a forty-eight page book is included with archival photos and notes. My Life in Music is slated for release on November 6.

Director Brett Ratner (Rush Hour, Red Dragon) describes Lalo Schifrin as “… one of the greatest composers that’s ever lived. He understands how to move an audience emotionally. There’s nobody hipper than Lalo.”

“I have been very fortunate in having the opportunity to compose music in the jazz, classical, and film/television genres during my career,” said Schifrin. “This box set is a very broad sampling of some of those works. It is an opportunity to share some well-known pieces and discover new music as well.” 

Over the span of his career, the 80-year-old composer has won five Grammys® (twenty-two nominations), one Cable ACE Award, and has received six Academy Award® nominations. Check out the full tracklisting for this new set below.

1. Enter The Dragon – Main Title
2. Samba Para Dos — from Bossa Nova Groove
3. The Fox – Main Title
4. The Eagle Has Landed — Eagle Falls In Love
5. Rhino — Transporting Rhino
6. Fast Walking– Main Title
7. Burning Bridges — from Kelly’s Heroes Vocals: The Mike Curb Congregation
8. Invisible City — from Metamorphosis: Jazz Meets The Symphony #4
9. Dirty Harry – Main Title
10. The Cincinnati Kid — New Orleans Procession
11. Caveman – End Title
12. Abominable — There Is Something Out There
13. Cool Hand Luke – Main Title
14. Telefon – Main Title
15. The Dead Pool — The Pier, The Bridge, and The City
16. Love Poem For Donna — from Ins and Outs
17. Charley Varrick — Bank Robbery — PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
18. Bullitt – Main Title
19. Coogan’s Bluff – Main Title — PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
20. Rush Hour – End Title

1. Joe Kidd – Main Title — PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
2. Cool Hand Luke — Tar Sequence
3. The Osterman Weekend — The Face of Love
4. Rollercoaster — Calliope Of Death
5. Kelly’s Heroes — All For The Love Of Sunshine
6. The Venetian Affair — Venice After Dark
7. Dirty Harry — Scorpio’s View
8. The Statue Of Liberty March — from Those Fabulous Hollywood Marches
9. Brubaker — Theme From Brubaker
10. The Cincinnati Kid — Instrumental Version (Lalo Schifrin, piano)
11. Something to Believe In — The Miracle
12. The Beguiled — Amputation Aftermath
13. Che — Che!
14. El Dorado — from Firebird: Jazz Meets The Symphony #3
15. Sudden Impact – Main Title
16. The Wrath Of God — Pablito / Guitarra / Padre Van Horne
17. Magnum Force — Magnum Force
18. The Amityville Horror – Main Title
19. Coogan’s Bluff — Take Me to Ringerman — PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
20. Return Of The Marquis de Sade — Justine
21. Mission: Impossible — The Plot

1. The Cincinnati Kid – Vocals: Ray Charles
2. Cool Hand Luke — Arletta Blues
3. Les Felins – Main Title
4. The Fourth Protocol – Main Title
5. Spooks — The Forces Of Darkness
6. The Beguilded — Finding McB — PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
7. Mannix — Theme from Mannix
8. Bulitt — Ice Pick Mike
9. Return Of The Marquis de Sade Bach to the Blues
10. Magnum Force – Main Title
11. Tango del Atardecer — from Letters from Argentina
13. Rollercoaster — Movement From String Quartette
14. Summer Dance — from Invocations: Jazz Meets The Symphony #7
15. Don Quixote — My Lord Don Quixote / End Title
17. Let Us Leave Some Songs — from Cantos Aztecas
18. La Pelle — Tema D’Amore
19. Charley Varrick — Last Of The Independents – PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
20. Sudden Impact — Robbery Suspect
21. Rush Hour – Main Title

1. Concorde: Airport 79 — Suite
2. Paraphrase — from Kaleidoscope: Jazz Meets The Symphony #6
3. Panamericana — from Gillespiana
4. Once a Thief — from Jazz Goes To Hollywood
5. Resonances — from Esperanto
6. Montuno — from Latin Jazz Suite
7. People Alone – The Competition — from Jazz Goes to Hollywood
8. Intersections — from Intersections: Jazz Meets The Symphony #5
9. Agnus Dei — from Jazz Mass
10. Toccata — from Gillespiana
11. Mission: Impossible — from Jazz Goes to Hollywood 

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