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MARVEL Studios and Sony Pictures will release Spider-Man: Homecoming on July 7, and ahead of the movie comes the toys. This week, Hasbro revealed a sneak-preview of what they’ll be rolling out this spring, serving up a refreshed line of action figures, vehicles and playsets in support of the film. From this initial preview, the Spidey stuff looks a lot more appealing than the last few lines, with the 6″ action figures sporting a movie look, the “Spidey Racer” vehicle including a NERF dart feature (akin to recent Star Wars vehicles), and some pretty cool playsets. 

While the basic versions of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and Michael Keaton’s Vulture are cool, there’s certainly a charm to that “Homemade Spider-Man Suit” figure, one that reflects just why Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) has been shown in the teasers as being so keen on helping young Peter Parker craft a more professional piece of superhero garb.

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Also, in what we’ll call an early 2017 Holiday Wish Guide Preview, Hasbro is finally offering a proper playset, with the release of that MARVEL Spider-Man Mega City Playset. Arriving at retail this fall, the new set stands over 4′ tall, and includes 20 play functions (full details to follow). It is undeniable that this style of playset has been inspired by what Playmates Toys has been doing with their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line over the past few years. Their 4’+ Sewer Lair sets have been largely plastic in construction with cardboard backdrops that help to add to the height – a pattern that Mattel followed with their Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice Batcave playset. It’s not hard to see how the Spider-Man Mega City fits into things, and I dig it. Now, if only Hasbro would do a proper Star Wars playset in this style…

Toy Fair is coming, so stay tuned!

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