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Spring unofficially marks the start of cleaning season as people across the country will tidy up their nests and celebrate the incoming warm weather. Though it’s late, it appears that spring has finally arrived in the Midwest, so we need to be sure that our vehicles are prepared to adjust to the changing weather and conditions.

Chevrolet and ACDelco have compiled a list of tips to properly clean and maintain your vehicle after the snow melts and before the weather warms to be sure your vehicle is working properly and safely. Some of which include cleaning your infotainment screen, changing your air filter, properly washing the interior and exterior and many more.

How To: Clean and Maintain Your Vehicle as the Weather Warms

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1.     Switch Out Your Snow Tires For Summer Or All-Season Tires – Snow tires are great for navigating the Midwest’s snowy winter climate, but you should refrain from driving on them year-round. Hot pavement and roads can cause quick wear-and-tear to the thick, treaded rubber of your winter tires. Instead, opt for a durable summer tire during the warmer months of the year. [Ed. Note: The Rock Father™ recommends Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady tires – Goodyear’s “best all-season tire.”]

2.     Organize and Declutter Your Glove Compartment – Your glovebox has probably accumulated receipts, papers, napkins and other items built up during the winter. Decluttering this space will make it easier to find important documents and your owner’s manual when needed.

3.     Review Vehicle Diagnostics – Maintaining the health of your vehicle is vital in increasing its working longevity. Vehicle owners should constantly keep an eye on diagnostics, but it is a good idea to do a complete review as spring begins.


Apps like MyChevrolet display diagnostic information right on your smartphone, so you can check your oil and battery life, tire pressure, 4G LTE W-Fi Hotspot connection and more. If your car needs any sort of springtime maintenance, you can even book an appointment with your local dealership right from the app.

4.     Vacuum and Wash Floor Mats– After enduring snowy boots and slushy shoes all winter, your vehicle’s floor mats are going to need some loving. First, vacuum the accumulated dirt and dust from the rugs and mats and then remove them from the vehicle and give them a thorough wash with car shampoo and clean water. This will rid them of any dried salt and mud buildup.

5.     Carefully Clean Your Infotainment System – An infotainment display like the Chevrolet MyLink can become dirty overtime with fingerprints and smudges, which is why it is important to clean it regularly. Use lens cleaner and spray onto a cloth rather than directly onto the Chevrolet MyLink screen to avoid damaging the screen. Wipe thoroughly, getting inside all of the corners and crevices.

6.     Give Your Vehicle A Proper Post-Winter Wash – Each part of your vehicle should be carefully washed and cleaned, paying different detail to each part.

  • For Interior Panels – Wash down with warm water and an all-purpose cleaner or interior shampoo gel; you may need to scrub lightly to remove any dirt and grime.
  • For a Truck Bed – Sweep out any dirt, dust, leaves, etc. and then rinse out the bed. Scrub sides and floor thoroughly with car shampoo and rinse clean.
  • For Mirrors – Use a glass-friendly household cleaner on the side and rearview mirrors and don’t forget the interior windows!

AC Delco Cabin Filter

7.     Change Your Air Filter – Replacing an air filter is something many people can forget about. To avoid a smelly, dusty cabin and spending unnecessary costs, be sure to switch out a new air filter every 22,500 miles. A clean filter will keep the cabin air clean for you and your family as well as keep your HVAC functioning regularly. 

8.      Inspect Vehicle’s Towing Capabilities – If you and the family will be boating or camping this spring or summer, it is a good idea to check on a few things before you make that first trip. Here are a few things to inspect to be sure you are safely hauling your toys this season:

  • Look for any evidence of wear/damage to the hitch/receiver
  • Check mounting fasteners, safety chain connections and locking pin
  • Inspect trailer wiring connections/operation
  • Read through the vehicle’s Owner’s Manual references as it pertains to additional safe towing procedures

9.     Use Your Vehicle to Continue the Cleaning at Home – When decluttering your house, you may find that you have a great amount of things you plan to donate or recycle. Vehicles like the Chevrolet Silverado, Tahoe or Suburban provide more than ample space with large beds and cargo space to transport these items so you don’t have to rent a disposal bin or moving truck.

GM Marketplace App

10.  Program All Of Your Warm Weather Treats Via The Marketplace App – As the temperature increases, you may find yourself with cravings for some yummy treats. Pre-program your favorite Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee order in the Marketplace app so you can order your warm weather favorites safely with a tap of a finger. The Marketplace commerce platform is available on all 2017 and newer Chevrolet models within the Chevrolet MyLink infotainment system.

These seasonal cleaning and maintenance tips have been certified by Chevrolet and ACDelco to provide owners a brief guide to maintain their vehicle’s working longevity after the winter season.

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