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Spring Toys: The Step2 Alpine Ridge Climber & Slide brings BIG fun to Backyards…


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Step2Of all the things that the late Spring arrival here in Illinois has brought with it, one of the highlights has been the coming of new toys. We’ve all been infected with a bad case of Cabin Fever this year, and that’s only been made worse by the fact that we’ve had certain things here in “the warehouse” at Rock Father HQ that we’ve been unable to use right away, thanks to snow. The BIG example? The Step2 Alpine Ridge Climber & Slide, a brand-new offering for 2014 that’s being sold Exclusively at Toys “R” Us Stores. As a Step2 Brand Ambassador, my family gets to try out many of the coolest new toys that Step2 has to offer, and this one was at the top of the girls’ list. With the snow finally gone, our Alpine Ridge is set-up and ready to rock.

Step2 Alpine Ridge Climber & SlideRecommended for Ages 2-6 (though I could see kids a little younger and a little older enjoying it), the Alpine Ridge Climber & Slide is a unique offering in this category of backyard play. It’s perfect for kids that may have outgrown some smaller models, but the size is right that it’s big – but not too big for the yard. The little nooks and grips really capture the feel of those climbing walls that my little ones love, but here we have it in a safe, home-friendly version that doesn’t require a harness and rope. 

Video: The Rock Daughters at Play on the Step2 Alpine Ridge Climber & Slide


Add in all the cool tunnels and hiding spots, and this climber/slide goes beyond just physical play, and opens up new worlds of imaginative play. Is it a Castle? A Fort? The place where the Fairies live? A Mountain Lodge? Is the slide a ramp for toy cars? The answer is simple: it’s whatever imagination wants it to be.

Step2 Alpine Ridge Climber & Slide

Rock Father Approved!The Step2 Alpine Ridge Climber & Slide comes highly recommended, and can be considered Rock Father-Approved. Learn more at Step2.com, or get yours from Toys “R” Us.

Helpful Notes:

Freight Truck–If you order one, of these – you need to either choose the “Ship-to-Store” option from Toys “R” Us, or be home for delivery. Due to the size, it’s considered “freight,” and shipped accordingly… on a big truck, like the one picture to the right. The weight’s not bad though, and at 91lbs, it was easy for the UPS Driver and I to get it up to the garage for temporary storage. 

–Assembly should be a two-person job. I tend to choose the most difficult path at all times, so I did mine with the help of a four-year-old. Overall assembly is quite easy, but attaching the climbing grips is difficult without a second (grownup) helper.

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