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Nearly seven years into the parenting realm, and being completely immersed in family media nearly 24/7, I’ve developed a pretty good gauge for what’s gonna be big, and what will fall flat when it comes to children’s programming. I’ve said for the past few years that I think we’re living in the best time ever to be either a parent or a child when it comes to televised (including streaming) content, with increased competition from both new platforms and reinvigorated players in the game creating an environment where everyone is forced to “do better,” and that’s continued into 2016. From NBCUniversal’s Sprout Channel (for whom I contributed to their since-shuttered Sprout Parents website prior to their buyout awhile back) comes a curious new show called FLOOGALS, and with its official premiere happening this Saturday, I’m telling you right now: This will be one of your preschooler’s new favorite shows.

If you were blindsided by the out-of-nowhere arrival and subsequent fandom that PJ MASKS inspired upon its debut on Disney Junior last Fall, expect the same from the Floogals, a trio of alien astronauts (Captain Fleeker, First Officer Flo, Junior Boomer)  from the planet Floog, whose ship crashes on Earth, landing in a yard sale where it’s mistaken for a toy. After being taken home and placed in a child’s bedroom, the Floogals begin exploring the alien landscape of a human (or, “hooman” as they say it) home. The show places the CGI Floogals against a live-action backdrop that is familiar to kids as teachable lessons are wrapped-up well in each 11-minute episode.

Bubble Bar!

We’re in a big “space” phase here at Rock Father HQ right now, with 3-year-old Finley asking Santa to bring her “A Space Station” (and he did – the Fisher-Price Imaginext Supernova Battle Rover), 6-year-old Addie playing “astronaut,” and both girls completely immersed in STAR WARS and MILES FROM TOMORROWLAND. The FLOOGALS certainly fits the vibe, and having watched two preview episodes on-demand (“Banana” and “Mirror”), I’m calling this one Rock Father-approved. There’s so much great information packed into those bite-sized packages, and it’s easy to absorb and fun to watch. There’s even a little bit of a TOY STORY-meets-HONEY I SHRUNK THE KIDS feel to the Floogals’ exploration, and I dig it.

While the series is said to be rolling out around 50 episodes, a question usually asked after an official premiere has already been posited by The Rock Daughters: “When are the Floogals toys coming out?” Perhaps we’ll have an answer to that when Toy Fair hits NYC next month.

And did I mention that the Floogals talk about being “ready to rock?” 

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