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sskaliertAnti-Fascist, but sued by the German Goverment for their use of the letters ”SS” (commonly associated with that of a certain former ruler’s elite protection force), SS-KALIERT have been crafting their hardcore punk stylings for nearly a decade. Two years after the ”SS” incident, the band has delivered SUBZERO, which hits the ‘States today through People Like You Records via Century Media.

Those seeking an injection of 80’s style punk will find that here, although the production is streamlined. The lyrics bounce back-and-forth between English and German, but don’t let language fool you – a boot in the ass sounds the same in any language. 

SUBZERO is a solid, if not unremarkable punk rock record for fans of RANCID, THE EXPLOITED, and THE CASUALTIES. Crank it up, or as their bio demands – F*** OFF AND DIE!

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Rating: 3/5 Stars

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