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Clover Day? St. Patrick’s Day Rock and Fun from The Hub, The Muppets, and More…


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Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, and like the Chicago River this weekend, it’s time to break out the “green” for some shamrock-themed fun for the whole family. One oddity this year is that Addie’s school is celebrating it as “Clover Day,” which is a term I’ve not heard before. If they’re trying to be “PC” by de-Sainting it, that strikes me as weird since Christmas and Hanukkah weren’t renamed… even if you don’t celebrate it, that doesn’t change the name (maybe that’s just me). Regardless, here’s a few pieces of St. Paddy’s Day fun…

General Mills’ LUCKY CHARMS turn 50:

Did you know that LUCKY CHARMS first hit grocery store shelves the same year that THE BEATLES released their first album in the U.S? Indeed, they first appeared in 1964, and while we make them a “sometimes treat” here at Rock Father HQ, I just hit the grocery store today to pick up a box of their special LUCKY CHARMS: 50 Magical Years Limited Edition Cereal. The girls don’t know it yet, but we’ll have a special green clover-filled breakfast in the morning.



The Hub NetworkTHE HUB NETWORK: Lucky’s Good Luck St. Patrick’s Day Marathon

On Monday, March 17 (2–5:30 p.m. ET/11 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. PT), the Hub Network will be airing a Lucky’s Good Luck St. Patrick’s Day Marathon. The marathon will consist of seven episodes of the Hub Network’s beloved series “Pound Puppies.” Lucky is their “cool and clever” leader, so you can expect a good showcase of his skills in this special presentation.


Dropkick MurphysAre the kids too young for some of the vibrant rock of these three bands? Certain songs, perhaps (depending on the age), but on St. Patrick’s Day, does it matter? While I might be highlighting these bands here on THE ROCK FATHER today, there are 364 other days in the year where it is not only “OK” to listen to them, but a recommended practice. I know for some it seems like it’s “their day” (and it is), but they rock year-round. Have babies in your home? Check out Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star: Lullaby Versions of Dropkick Murphys. Chicago Pride? Check out THE TOSSERS’ latest album, THE EMERALD CITY, which was released last year on Victory Records. Video below…


Bonus: Not for kids, but I seriously still love the Butch Vig remix of HOUSE OF PAIN’s “Shamrocks and Shenanigans”


And one final message… MUPPETS MOST WANTED is hitting theaters on March 21, and while my old pal Kermit may have some problems with it on occasion, he sent over a reminder that “St. Patrick’s Day is the one day that it’s easy being green.”

MMW St Patrick ecard

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Top Charm “Powers” Image Credit: Lucky Charms via Facebook.

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