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5-25-77: 35 Years Ago, in a multiplex far, far away… STAR WARS hit screens for audiences to experience for the very first time. I was less than one-year-old, but I must’ve gotten into things pretty early given the pictures that have been floating around. 5-25-12: STAR WARS turns 35.

I still have yet to buy STAR WARS on Blu-Ray, but today might be a good day to revisit the original film on DVD. Anyone else busting it out? My daughter digs R2-D2.

Most folks won’t know it, but I actually contributed a fun little song to the world of STAR WARS “Musical Humor” (as featured on over a decade ago. Here’s The James Zahn Conspiracy“Darth Vader is a Real Cool Guy” – 59-second, one-take acoustic diddy recorded in the living room of our old apartment on the night of either the 1999 or 2000 Grammy Awards. It was a total joke, and one you can feel free to download and share.


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And speaking of 5-25-77check this out

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