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Indie children’s musician Sukey Molloy has announced that April 24th will see the release of her third CD, I Am Happy! with Sukey Molloy. 

sukey coverFrom the Official Press Release:
With a focus on age-appropriate material that encourages participation, Sukey Molloy’s music is just right for the youngest listeners. Her voice has a happy, reassuringly intimate presence that draws children into a safe and trusting relationship as they listen, sing, and move along. While Sukey’s lyrics and melodies express a sweet, childlike nuance, she doesn’t compromise when it comes to production values. Joining Sukey Molloy as co-producer of I Am Happy! is Grammy-winner Larry Alexander, who brings to the new release his work with some of the biggest stars in the music business, including Diana Ross (six albums), Bruce Springsteen, Willie Nelson, Bon Jovi, and David Bowie, to name but a few.


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Throughout I Am Happy!, Sukey Molloy exudes a sense of fun, wonder, and joy to which children readily connect. Explains Sukey, “My music is intentionally created to relate directly with the young child, and it’s very important to me, as I write, to sense each song from the child’s point of view. My goal in making I Am Happy! has been a simple one: to share music that makes children feel happy! In all my work, I invite kids to participate, and on I Am Happy! I find this, in a playful way, through nature themes such as snow, sun, rain, fire and water, and by incorporating animal sounds like fish, rhinos, penguins and ducks. Every song encourages children to try movements and sounds as they sing along.”


You can keep up-to-date with Molloy for info on this release, and her forthcoming lullaby album entitled I Am Sleepy! at

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