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Summer Fun: Nerf Rebelle FRS Walkie Talkies (Review)

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Growing up as a kid in the 80s, Walkie Talkies were a big part of backyard and neighborhood play. Back then, they were big, bulky rectangular bricks of plastic – each equipped with the dreaded tin antenna – like the smaller TVs of the day. I didn’t know a single kid that didn’t bend and/or snap-off their antennae at some point. It was a part of the job, and that job was simple: having fun. A technologically-advanced version of THE LITTLE RASCALS-style tin cans with string between them, we had hours of fun pretending to communicate as Rebel pilots from STAR WARS… members of G.I. JOE or COBRA… JAMES BOND-style spies… or just ourselves. The fun would usually only end when the batteries or the antennae died. Fast-forward a few decades and walkie talkie tech has come a long way. Now, they’re not only a way for kids to have fun and adventure, but also a tool to help keep kids safe and families connected – but there’s still differences out there in the varieties available. 

The Rock Daughters each have a base...

We actually have a couple of sets of walkie talkies here at Rock Father HQ – one of which is still very much a “toy” rooted in the dated tech that I grew up with, and another that’s more akin to the grownup models currently on the market: The Nerf Rebelle 10 Mile FRS Walkie Talkies. The latter are the new-school – sure, they cost a few bucks more than their toy counterparts, but they’re totally worth it for the real functionality (and fun) that they provide.

Nerf Adventure

With 22 available channels, there’s plenty of options available for keeping communication clear. And while I can’t verify the claim, these are said to have up to a 10-mile radius for kids and families to stay in touch – making them perfect to have on-hand for events where families could easily become separated. Fairs, carnivals, theme parks, festivals, campgrounds – those are all places where these could come in handy, but for us they’ve become largely what mine were as a kid – a tool for backyard adventure and imaginative play.

Rock Father Approved!Manufactured by Sakar International under license by Hasbro (makers of the Nerf brand), Nerf Rebelle Walkie Talkies are available at retailers Nationwide, including Amazon and Toys “R” Us. Additionally, there’s a blue-and-orange Nerf edition available as well.

Rock Father Approved!

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