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Super Impulse Keeps Zapping Toys with their Shrink Ray for World’s Smallest…


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There’s some mischief afoot over at Super Impulse. While numerous super villains have tried and failed repeatedly to craft a “Shrink Ray” as part of their nefarious plans, someone over at Super Impulse has created one, and yes – it works. I first featured their line of World’s Smallest toys here on the site as part of my annual Holiday Wish Guide in 2016, but apparently the evil geniuses weren’t satisfied at simply shrinking the likes of Fisher-Price classics, Rubik’s Cubes and Polaroid Instamatic Cameras. Nope, now they’ve managed to shrink Hasbro’s G.I. Joe (the 60’s style 12″ “Man of Action”) and Mattel’s Hot Wheels. Now these classics are small enough to be toys for your toys. They were so proud of their shrinking technology that they had to send me one of each just to brag about how awesome they are. I dig it.

World's Smallest Toys Review

World’s Smallest Toys aren’t for everyone. My wife called the World’s Smallest Hot Wheels “a stupid idea” when we first saw them on shelves at Target during the holidays. True, a normal, standard-sized Hot Wheel will set you back around $1, while the tiny, World’s Smallest version will cost around $5, but these are novelties – and kids dig ’em, too.

World's Smallest Toys Review - Hot Wheels

My youngest still rocks the Polaroid Camera hanging on her backpack, and while most of last year’s assortment is played with by the kids, I’ll fully admit to having swiped these for myself, and they’re here in my office. The G.I. Joe has flocked hair, is 5POA (points of articulation) and comes with a pair of binoculars.

World's Smallest Toys Review G.I. Joe

The Hot Wheels come assorted in a few different varieties, but the one they sent us as a review sample is a true classic – the famous Twin Mill. It’s diecast, comes in a reusable package, and rolls just as it should. Smaller than Micro Machines!

World's Smallest Toys Review - Hot Wheels

Micro-collectibles like Shopkins, etc. are all the rage right now, so these fit in there somewhere – but with a nostalgic spin. While they might not be the most functional thing in the world, they’re cool just to have around. 

Check out Super Impulse for details on where to find these in a store near you.

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