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“I wanted to celebrate the themes in the song without being too on-the-nose about it,” says Lloyd H. Miller, frontman of The Deedle Deedle Dees, and director of the video for their latest single, “Super Strong.” Taken from their latest album, Sing-a-Long History, Vol. II: The Rocket Went Up! (songs inspired by true stories of science, discovery and magic), the new track might fall more into the “discovery” realm of that lengthy title, a song that Miller says “explores the different ways someone can be strong.” Shot in the Ditmas Park, Brooklyn neighborhood of New York, today The Rock Father™ and Zooglobble present a shared debut of this new video that features dancers, teachers, kids and families who all define what it means to be #SuperStrong. Check out the video below…

About using dance against the backdrop of his own neighborhood for the video, Miller further explains: “I love to dance and I love films and music videos that use dance in all its forms. I love straight-up stage-style dancing like you find in classic musicals like Singing in the Rain and Top Hat, but also flowing cinema like Godard and Truffaut and Fellini that has a dance aesthetic and flow to the scenes even when people aren’t officially dancing. All movement is dance and I feel children and parents are especially attuned to this, one has to have rhythm and think about their steps and their pacing to survive the frenetic life of a family balancing school, work, hobbies, etc.”


For “Super Strong,” Miller recruited a crew of friends – several of whom happen to be film and television professionals with some impressive credits. DP Joaquin Diego Prange normally works as a location manager, with FOX’s Gotham, the Oscar-winning Birdman, and NBC’s The Blacklist among his recent work.  Similarly, Producer David Meade also comes from a location background, working regularly in the NYC indie film scene.

Pick up The Deedle Deedle Dees’ latest album now through CD Baby, and be sure to follow their adventures on Facebook.

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