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The 20th Anniversary of Teletubbies Brings New Adventures, New Toys to Tech-Savvy Tots…


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It was twenty years ago that the world first laid eyes on a quartet of colorful aliens with a childlike curiosity about the world around them. Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po became an immediate hit, with little ones becoming enamored with the grassy world of the Teletubbies. I was working retail at the time, just two years shy of getting married, my future wife and I still a good twelve years off from having kids of our own. Still, I was on the front lines as the first wave (a tsunami, really) of Teletubbies popularity rolled in, with families eager to find the latest merchandise for their little fans. Two decades later, Teletubbies have been reinvigorated – revamped for their 20th Anniversary to delight new generations of kids. Having worked so well the first time around, the changes more like subtle upgrades, all meant to better connect with tech-savvy tots through a new series on, a fresh line of toys from the folks at Spin Master, and the new Big Hugs DVD from DHX Media.

Teletubbies at Rock Father HQ

If BIG HUGS is the theme, then the new toys hit the spot, with cuddly, soft plush that kids can really snuggle and squeeze. There’s 6″ super-soft plush, 8″ Talking plush, 10″ Laugh & Giggle plush, 11″ Jumping plush and even Lullaby Laa-Laa & Po – which can also function as a night light, all of which are recommended for children ages 18 months+.

Watch: Hands-on with Spin Master’s 2017 Teletubbies line (and Finley explains Teletubbies)

The subtleties of the modern Teletubbies are most notable in the series, captured on the Big Hugs DVD. Their “Touch Screen Tummies” now light-up with the iconic “Play” button that kids know from their tablets and apps – becoming an opening into the real-word through live-action video that shows kids in a familiar setting. As these clips teach resonate with children, they’re teaching the audience while also teaching the Teletubbies themselves.

Teletubbies Big Hugs DVD
Teletubbies on-screen in the office at Rock Father HQ

Even though I missed the adventures the first time around, there’s something strangely comforting about the Teletubbies as I listen in while our youngest daughter checks out episodes of the show. There’s a warmth to the curious nature of the characters, and that’s a big part of the appeal. 

Teletubbies toys and DVDs are available now at major retailers everywhere. Episodes of Teletubbies can be seen daily on Nick Jr., with a second season slated to begin later this year. For more, check out Teletubbies.com

Spin Master's Teletubbies

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