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My daughter isn’t old enough to really get into DORA THE EXPLORER, and in this case I’m glad. Cruising past the baby department at my local Super Walmart this evening, I took a closer look at something that’s only been seen from the corner of my eye in the past: The Dora the Explorer Toddler Booster Car Seat. I find it highly disturbing that it appears a child is sitting on Dora, or that Dora is somehow assimilating toddlers like those aliens on the syndicated WAR OF THE WORLDS TV Show back in the late 80’s.

Check out these pictures from the Kids Embrace website:

dora2 dora3
If you dig scary stuff for your little ones, Kids Embrace not only makes Dora, but a vastly less-scary Spongebob Squarepants model, and a Dale Earnhardt Jr. version. Despite being creepy, these actually look well-made, utilizing NASCAR-style technology. How about making a seat that just looks like a race car seat?  

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